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infobandarpkr.com iPhone Magic Platinum

Complete solutions khổng lồ transfer, backup and manage iPhone/iPad/iPod contents, convert videos và download online videos to iPhone/iPad/iPod.

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infobandarpkr.com Video Converter Ultimate

Convert comtháng and HD/3D videos in 160+ formats. Merge, clip, split, add đoạn phim effects, watermark, subtitle, soundtrachồng, etc lớn better enjoy it.

Easily và Fast Convert & Edit DVD Movies

It is easy for you lớn convert & edit DVD movies according to lớn your personal demvà.

Convert DVD to lớn all Videos và Audios

Convert DVD movies lớn almost all đoạn phim & audio formats, và convert DVD to lớn HD videos.

Useful DVD Video Editor

Edit DVD movies: clip/join/split, crop đoạn Clip, add subtitle, soundtrachồng, watermark, effects, etc.

Classified Conversion Profiles

A selection of conversion profiles with optimized parameters is available for a wide range of multitruyền thông devices.

Choose Subtitle/Audio Track

Choose subtitle và audio trachồng in different languages lớn meet your demands.

Special and Powerful Home DVD khổng lồ Video

Convert trang chủ DVD movies easily and creatively khổng lồ better enjoy your videos everywhere.

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Convert Home DVD khổng lồ HD Videos

Convert trang chủ DVD movies khổng lồ HD videos so that you can enjoy the videos with high chất lượng.

Convert Home DVD to Devices

Convert trang chủ DVD lớn be playable on all devices lượt thích ipad tablet, iPhone, Galaxy, Điện thoại HTC One, Molớn X, Nexus, Kindle, Surface, Lumia, etc.

đoạn phim Home DVD into Segments

Clip a title/chapter to extract the desired segments by defining the time.

Join Titles and Chapters

You are able khổng lồ create new video clip by joining several titles or chapters into one.

Choose Subtitle và Audio Track

You can choose subtitle & audio track in different languages for you đoạn Clip.

Smart Edit Video

Make your Clip special by editing it. You can crop video, add subtitle, soundtrachồng, watermark, và adjust effects, etc.

Get Information from DVD

It will tự động hóa retrieve Home DVD information from the Internet và display the information such as artist name, trang chủ DVD cover, Home DVD chapters and titles & more.

Directly Transfer to lớn Devices

Directly transfer converted files lớn iPhone, iPad tablet, iPod và PSP.. after convertingDVD.

iPhone 12 Series iPhone 11 Series iPhone X/XS/XS Max/XR iPhone 6/7/8 Series iPhone 5/5S/5C/SE iPhone 4/4S/3G/3GS