My Dad had compressed our family photos inkhổng lồ a RAR tệp tin and created a password lớn protect the file. But he has forgotten the password and unable khổng lồ extract the encrypted RAR file. Can anyone recommover a method to remove sầu password for my RAR archive? ----John

We are glad that you have turned lớn us for help. Forgot password is a common but annoying thing. We truly understvà your situation and therefore, in order to help you out of the dilemma, we have come up several effective sầu methods in this article.

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Part 1: Remove sầu RAR/WinRAR Password with for RAR

Part 2: Remove sầu WinRAR Password without Any Software

Part 3: Remove sầu WinRAR Password with Known Password

Part 4: Comparison of Above Methods

Part 1: Remove sầu RAR/WinRAR Password with for RAR

The most recommended method when you don"t remember the password at all is lớn crack the password of your RAR tệp tin first. Password cracking is a process of using computer algorithm khổng lồ repeatedly guess the password until the correct password is successfully discovered. Most common methods of password cracking are dictionary attaông xã, pattern checking, word các mục substitution, brute-force attachồng và etc. A suitable cracking strategy can not only greatly shorten the recovery time but also increase the success rate. for RAR is the fasdemo and most effetive one according lớn our tests. Below are some unique features of this powerful RAR/WinRAR password remover tool.

Unique Features of for RAR

High success rate và fast speed: Passer for RAR provides 4 powerful attaông chồng modes. Ahy vọng the 4 methods, Combination Attaông xã, Dictionary Attachồng và Mask Attack greatly reduce the candidate passwords; hence, it shortens the recovery time và increases the success rate.

Easy to lớn use: The tool is easy lớn use. Even if you are a computer novice, you can easily recover the password & then remove it.

No data loss or data leakage: values your data security, therefore, the whole process can be done on your own even without mạng internet connection, thus, you files will not be leaked out during/after password recovery.


The following is how you go about obtaining the tool and using it khổng lồ make your RAR files password-không lấy phí.

To get started, head over lớn the for RAR trang web và tải về và install the program on your computer.

Free Download for Win 10/8.1/8/7/XP

Step 1: Launch the program on your computer. Click on Add icon to add your password protected RAR/WinRAR file to the program. Then, select an attack from the danh sách of attacks shown on your screen.

In case you still rethành viên some information of the correct password, you can choose Combination Attack or Mask Attaông chồng. If you vì chưng not have sầu any hint of the password, then, you can import your dictionary text by using Dictionary Attaông xã or just simply use Brute-Force Attack.


Step 2: After choosing the suitable attachồng modes, click Recover khổng lồ continue. The software will run the attaông chồng và take its time khổng lồ crack the password for your RAR file. It will only take several minutes. When the software has found the password, it will display it on your screen as shown below.


After that, you can cliông xã on Copy lớn copy the password khổng lồ open the archive sầu. Then, extract files out of it và you create a new password-không lấy phí archive.

Part 2: Remove WinRAR Password without Any Software

If you vị not want to lớn use a third-party tool, there are still some effective solutions without taking use of any software.

● 2.1 Remove WinRAR Password with Notepad

● 2.2 Remove sầu WinRAR Password with CMD

● 2.3 Remove WinRAR Password Online

2.1 Remove sầu WinRAR Password with Notepad

Many of us might not know that Notepad helps with removing passwords from RAR files. But in some cases, this way really works although it will show unreadable text. The following is the entire procedure to vày the RAR password removal process with Notepad on your computer.

Step 1: Locate the password protected RAR tệp tin on your computer. Right-clichồng on the tệp tin, select mở cửa with, cliông xã on Choose another app, & finally choose Notepad as the ứng dụng.


Step 2: When your file opens with the Notepad ứng dụng, clichồng on the Edit menu and select Replace.


Step 3: Replace Ûtà with 5^3tà" và "IžC0 with IžC_0. Save the tệp tin.

You may now open your RAR file with any extraction tool & you will find that it no longer prompts you khổng lồ enter a password to lớn access the tệp tin. The password has been successfully removed from your RAR file using Notepad. But success rate of this method is less than 10%. That is to say, it doesn"t work in most cases.

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2.2 Remove sầu WinRAR Password with CMD

Using CMD to lớn remove sầu WinRAR password will be a little difficult if you are a computer novice. You need to create a batch script which can open Comm& Prompt.

Follow the simple steps below to lớn create và run a .bat extension tệp tin on your computer.

Step 1: At first, open Notepad from your system.

Step 2: As the Notepad opens, enter the code for batch script, you can easily get one from the mạng internet.


Step 3: Now, save the Notepad file as "Cracker.bat". Ensure that the tệp tin extension get saved as .bat tệp tin.


Step 4: Once you are done, locate the tệp tin from your system & open it. It will open the comm& prompt window.

Step 5: As the command prompt screen asks for the tệp tin name enter the one you need lớn unlock. Make sure you enter the extension alongside.

Step 6: Now, you will get a prompt asking you about the location of the tệp tin. Put the tệp tin location and hit the Enter button.

Step 7: Commvà prompt will take some time to craông chồng the password, depending on its length and complexity.


2.3 Remove sầu WinRAR Password Online

If you prefer lớn remove sầu WinRAR password without software, you can also take advantage of online service like LostMyPass to help you achieve it. Let"s take a look at how it works:

First of all, you have sầu to lớn kiểm tra the checkbox to lớn accept the Terms và Conditions.

Step 1: In this page, click on the orange button or simply drag your file khổng lồ the specified area khổng lồ import the target RAR file.


Step 2: When the tệp tin imported, this tool will automatically start to lớn recover the password. The recovery time depends on the length & complexity of your password. Once the password is recovered, it will display the password on the screen.

It seems pretty easy khổng lồ use. But the password can hardly be recovered, you will be guided khổng lồ tăng cấp to lớn the paid version with $29. Worse still, there are several safety issues along with these online tools. When you upload your file online to lớn their servers, this will greatly increase the risk of being leaked out và hacked. So we bởi not recommkết thúc you lớn try any online tools considering data security.

Part 3: Remove WinRAR Password with Known Password

This section is for those of you who already know the password of the RAR tệp tin you want khổng lồ extract. Since you already have sầu the password with yourself, all you need lớn vì chưng is đầu vào it on a certain screen on your computer & you should be able khổng lồ access all the contents residing in the file without using any software.

The task can be accomplished using the WinRAR tiện ích itself as it does let you extract password protected RAR archives. The following is how you go about uncompressing a password protected RAR file on your computer.

Step 1: If you bởi not already have sầu it, tải về và install the WinRAR app on your computer. Launch the app when it is installed on your machine.

Step 2: mở cửa the password protected RAR file in the WinRAR app on your computer. When the file opens, cliông xã on the button that says Extract To to start extracting the archive sầu.


Step 3: Enter in the password for the RAR tệp tin that you know and cliông xã on the button that says OK. It will then check if the entered password is correct.


Step 4: Once it confirms that the password is correct, it will start lớn extract files from the RAR archive. You can then right-clichồng on the extracted files và choose Add to lớn archive sầu lớn create a completely new và unprotected RAR archive for your files.

That is how lớn remove RAR password manually with WinRAR. But this way only works when you rethành viên the password clearly. Obviously, if you don"t know what the password is, then this way doesn"t work for you.

Part 4: Comparison of Above sầu Methods

After checking the detailed mô tả tìm kiếm of each solution, have sầu you made up your mind which one lớn choose? If not, we have listed the main features of each solution in the following table. You can check it before you make your final decision. for RAR Notepad CMD Online Service WinRAR
Can Password Be Removed Password can be removed after recovering it. Yes Password can be removed after recovering it. Password can be removed after recovering it. Yes
Password Required Or Not No No No No Password required
Success Rate High Low Low Low High
Data Loss No data loss Possibly Possibly Possibly No data loss
Data Leakage No data leakage No data leakage No data leakage Data may be leaked out. No data leakage
File Size Limit No limit No limit No limit Large files not supported No limit


If you have downloaded or have sầu gotten a RAR file from your friend but it asks for a password, either you need to find out the password or you need lớn know the method khổng lồ crack the password. The above sầu guide shows methods to lớn remove sầu password for both the scenario. Whether you know the password or you don"t, the above sầu guide will help you remove the password from your RAR tệp tin. If you have sầu any other questions about removing password from RAR/WinRAR files, you are welcomed lớn leave sầu a bình luận below.