VideoStudio 20trăng tròn is the best alternative sầu khổng lồ Ulead VideoStudio

Probably the best Clip editor in the 90’s, Ulead VideoStudio was named after its developers, Ulead systems. Without having any experience in đoạn Clip editing, anyone could use this application lớn produce professional-grade content. It had a rich collection of advanced tools that required very little time lớn get used to. For developing đoạn Clip editing skills, it was one of the most desired software aao ước beginners. The developers were constantly upgrading the features lớn fulfill user needs. acquired Ulead VideoStudio in 2006 and continued the legacy of this br& for a while. Later, it was renamed khổng lồ VideoStudio và got upgraded with a bunch of modern improvements and a new look was introduced. If you had been a người of Ulead VideoStudio, you would be amazed lớn see its evolution in the lathử nghiệm VideoStudio.

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Top reasons to switch from Ulead VideoStudio

NEW Highlight Reel Movie Maker ENHANCED Painting Creator ENHANCED User Interface NEW Animated Overlays NEW Title & Graphics NEW Support for 4K Monitors NEW Sound Effects NEW Trim/Edit Tools



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Studio Backlot*

From our friends at Studio Backlot, access their library of tutorials & creative sầu nội dung.

* Content is available only in English. Subtitles are available on select training videos. Studio Backlot offers training in English and French.