Health check

Health check analyzes your computer & helps you khổng lồ keep it reliable & up to date by fixing the detected issues. Update your computer with its automatic driver updater, which is constantly updated to ensure you receive the lademo drivers. New drivers can improve sầu the stability và performance of your system, fix problems & introduce new features. Health kiểm tra can also uninstall disconnected devices, which can affect your boot time, and is able to lớn backup your drivers & delete unused third-buổi tiệc nhỏ drivers.

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The scheduler is convenient và gives you peace of mind, as all you ever have lớn vì chưng is fix an issue once it has been detected. A kiểm tra is performed in the background every two weeks by default, but you can choose from four different intervals in the settings.

Driver update và restore

With driver update và restore you can automatically update, restore or install the drivers that you choose. You can tải về drivers from our extensive driver database, which contains more than ten million drivers, or use your own driver backups. We give sầu you access khổng lồ all driver versions that we have sầu for a device, so you are không tính tiền lớn decide which version you want khổng lồ install. This unique feature is incredibly helpful if you encounter computer, device or driver problems.


Driver cleaner

Driver cleaner enables you khổng lồ completely clean the software and driver entries that were at any time installed for a device. It can help you prevent startup, stability và performance issues và is invaluable when you install a new driver, change the hardware of your computer, or want khổng lồ clean up old drivers. All essential devices are supported, such as your mouse, graphic thẻ và network adapter.

Advanced protection

Advanced protection automatically creates a backup of your computer"s system files, settings & desktop, right before important changes are made khổng lồ your computer. You can restore almost anything you can vị from its history, or even restore your entire computer lớn an earlier point in time using system restore. All backups are safely stored away khổng lồ ensure a worry-không tính tiền experience.

Device monitor

Device monitor gives you insight inlớn the sensors from the devices installed in your computer, such as the power usage, temperature & clock speed. You can monitor the current performance of your processor, graphic thẻ, motherboard, memory, hard drive sầu & fans, along with the past performance. Information that is essential lớn know about a device, like the number of reallocated sectors of a hard disk, is also available.

Device control

With device control you can view và manage the devices and drivers installed in your computer. You can check if your devices & drivers are working correctly và troubleshoot their problems with all information & options that you can possibly need, such as the used resources, files, problem code và location. It can also be used lớn backup, download or uninstall drivers, to lớn disable or restart devices, and to scan for hardware changes.

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Device identifier

With device identifier you can determine the type, name và manufacturer of your devices. It can assist you in identifying unknown devices, usually visualized with a yellow question mark, and examining devices for which you are unable to locate more information or don"t know the origin. With over one million devices supported, device identifier can always help you troubleshoot và search for information.

Computer report

Computer report gives you extensive information on every device & driver installed in your computer, including a summary of its essential parts. It"s easy to lớn read and an excellent addition to help you diagnose computer issues, or simply for sharing computer specifications with friends or tech tư vấn.

Automatic updates

Updating the application is completely worry-không tính phí. Install it once and all updates will be seamlessly delivered to lớn you - miễn phí of charge. The updates are automatically installed and you do not have khổng lồ download or use installers again.


Desktop helps you lớn backup and restore the desktop icon positions and resolution of each screen. You can finally keep your icons sorted và your preferred screen resolution after you install new graphic card drivers or temporarily change your monitor resolution.

Manufacturer compatibility

Every device manufacturer & driver is supported. This includes all well-known OEM device manufacturers such as AMD, NVIDIA, Intel, Realtek, Logitech, Creative sầu, Razer, Marvell, ASUS, Acer, Dell, HP. & Lenovo. Together with other manufacturers, they make a variety of drivers for their network, graphic, chipmix, wireless, controller, Ethernet, WLAN, LAN, HD Audio, HD Graphics, Rapid Storage Technology và USB 3.0 ​​devices.

Premium support

Problems with your computer or software can be frustrating. With our premium support you can count on unlimited top priority và real person support. We vị our best khổng lồ get you hassle-không tính phí help & a comprehensible response.
One of the only pieces of software I"ve ever bought! This is a must-have sầu piece of software for anyone that owns a PC.
Driver Fusion is localized in 41 languages. This includes English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Dutch.