GDquảng cáo compliance is daunting when you have sầu a multitude of applications and databases. Manually trawling thousands of tables, using column names lớn locate sensitive data, is tedious and inefficient. And vendor tools that search metadata can be slow, ineffective sầu và risky. What if you could define and find sensitive data across all your Oracle databases automatically? This would save sầu time while dramatically reducing risk.

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Toad® for Oracle - Sensitive sầu Data Protection performs data sampling across all your tables, using a range of expressions and customizable rules to define & find sensitive data. When sensitive data is identified, you can apply Oracle’s redaction & encryption techniques khổng lồ strengthen data protection. Reduce risk and achieve GDlăng xê compliance with Toad for Oracle - Sensitive sầu Data Protection.


Accelerated discovery Quickly discover sensitive data across all your Oracle databases for GDPR compliance and other regulations.

Powerful automation Automates discovery, streamlines reporting và automatically notifies developers when they’re referencing sensitive data.

Easy integration Integrates into lớn many Toad features, such as Editor, VOEs and DB Health Cheông xã.


Customizable rules
Provides configurable rules to define what sensitive sầu data means to you. (Included in Toad® for Oracle Professional Edition and higher.)

Flags sensitive sầu data use in object & code editors automatically. (Included in Toad for Oracle Professional Edition and higher.)
Searches across Oracle database schemas based on metadata và datapolling. Refine search categories by defining default encryption và redactioncapabilities.
Helps you easily apply appropriate data protection measures using native Oracle features for redaction, encryption, & audit to lớn help achieve sầu GDquảng bá compliance.

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Streamlined workflow
Enables DBAs and Data Protection Officers to apply protective measures in-situ.
Provides reports on one or multiple schemas. Export results as part of dataprivacy compliance of sensitive sầu data.
Automates search & reporting functions to identify and locate data on which no policy has yet been applied.