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theft /θeft/ danh từ sự trộm cắp, sự trộm cắpto commit theft: tội lỗi nạp năng lượng trộmpetty theft: sự đánh tráo vặt
sự ăn cắpsự nạp năng lượng trộmtrộm cắpperil of theft: rủi ro khủng hoảng trộm cắptheft insurance: bảo đảm trộm cắptheft pilferage và non -delivery: khủng hoảng trộm cắp với không giao được hàngtheft risk: khủng hoảng rủi ro trộm cắpavoid theft (lớn ...)phòng trộmtheft insurancebảo đảm mất trộmtheft insurebảo hiểm mất trộm

Thuật ngữ lĩnh vực Bảo hiểm


Trộm cắp Hành hễ trộm cắp. cũng có thể được bảo đảm rủi ro này trong đa số những đối chọi bảo đảm tài sản, ví như đối chọi bảo hiểm chủ cài đặt nhà

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Từ điển Collocation

theft noun

ADJ. petty | attempted | car, cattle, etc.

PREP. ~ from They are accused of theft from a newsagent"s siêu thị. | ~ of She admitted the theft of three pairs of trousers. More information about CRIMES
CRIMES: be guilty of, commit ~
Two key witnesses at her trial committed perjury.

accuse sb of, charge sb with ~ He has been accused of her murder.

convict sb of, find sb guilty of ~ She was found guilty of high treason.

acquit sb of ~ The engineer responsible for the collapse of the bridge was acquitted of manslaughter.

admit, confess to, deny ~ All three men have denied assault. She admitted 33 assault charges.

plead guilty/not guilty khổng lồ ~ He pleaded guilty khổng lồ a charge of gross indecency.

investigate (sb for) ~ She is being investigated for suspected bribery.

be suspected for/of ~ He was the least likely lớn be suspected of her murder.

be/come under investigation for ~ She was the second minister to lớn come under investigation for corruption.

be wanted for ~ be wanted on charges of ~ He was wanted on charges of espionage.

solve sầu a case, crime, murder, robbery, theft The police and the public must work together to lớn solve sầu the murder.