Today we released updates for versions 8 - 14 with a number of improvements & security enhancements as reflected in the Change Logs. 

Our subscription users enjoy the most innovative experience with a monthly update cycle and are already benefitting from the improvements as part of the lathử nghiệm version 15 release. 

We encourage all users to enable the auto-update functionality or khổng lồ manually update at their earliest convenience to lớn benefit from those improvements và security updates. 

We also would lượt thích lớn thank our longstanding customers of legacy versions 5 - 7 by moving them lớn a modern code base including the recent improvements. They will receive sầu a miễn phí and automatic upgrade to a newer version over the next weeks và have sầu already been contacted regarding the details. 

Please don’t hesitate to lớn tương tác your tư vấn team with any arising questions. 


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Host Modul


2. You can tải về & install 9 locally: Download 9

Remote update:

Updating the remote can easily be done during a session via the toolbar. Please keep in mind that you need to lớn have sầu a valid license activated on your device or your tài khoản lớn make the connection to lớn an older version. 

Cliông xã on Extras --> Remote update:

It will then show you the available version numbers, asking you to confirm the update. will most likely only offer you an update to the latest version of 5, 6 or 7. Please choose this version & you will get 9 automatically: 

* on the remote computer will close và install the new version ( 9).

After the update, you will be reconnected to the remote computer automatically. 

Note: Updating multiple clients on Windows PCs can be best achieved by using our MSI package, which is available with our Corporate license. Instructions can be found within the MSI tải về package and attached to lớn this message.

 For customers with a Corporate license:

Our Corporate license holders can benefit from the advantages of the MSI deployment of the software.

With MSI you can deploy your full version or Host module via Active directory easily to lớn all your endpoints.

Please see the attached manual for the MSI deployment in 9 (upper right corner of this message).

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Customers with a Business or Premium license could write & use a script which

uninstalls the local infobandarpkr.comInstalls 9Adds automatic Account assignment

Please be advised that does not provide such scripts. Also, we are not able khổng lồ proofread such scripts.


Updating the QuickSupport lớn 9

With 9, made a tremendous step forward khổng lồ increase the usability of the QuickSupport module.

Instead of sending an. exe file to lớn your customers, you can simply sover them a personalized links you get after creating your very own QuickSupport module, & your customers can download your always-up-to-date QuickSupport module from the mạng internet. 

You can generate the QuickSupport module within the Management Console under Designvà deploy.

Every change you make to your module will automatically apply to lớn the custom module lượt thích a new text or a new logo sản phẩm. 

Please make sure to lớn have sầu your license (in version 9) activated on your trương mục.

This is how to lớn proceed:

Cliông xã on your name in the upper right corner, then cliông chồng on Edit ProfileIn the General tab, line License, cliông xã on Change license