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Significantly, in such a society, the sovereign"s right of death existed for the sole purpose of protecting and, therefore, sustaining his own life.
The paper discussed the role of cattle in constructing enduring connections among kin & affines, patrons & clients, sovereigns & supporters, men and their ancestors.
He highlights in par ticular the transformation of tribal commanders inlớn local sovereigns of clearly defined ter ritory.
The rating agencies" relationship with sovereigns is not best understood in terms of relative power - which they have sầu gained và lost.
Long-lasting notions of civic liberties clashed with the claims of town authorities to lớn rule as sovereigns over their townspeople.
In the study of the development of democratization at the domestic màn chơi, we have always assumed that unelected sovereigns have transferred powers khổng lồ elected parliaments in response khổng lồ public pressures.
The theologians interpreted that principle rather restrictively, arguing that only injuries done khổng lồ oneself, to lớn one"s own subjects, or khổng lồ allied sovereigns counted as a just cause.
Moreover, repression and civil strife become more likely as the sovereign"s payoff from transgressing and being challenged increases relative sầu lớn the payoff of not transgressing at all.
The " community of sovereigns " was invented as a strategy to lớn cope with crisis & against the increasing social & political demands nationalism made on the monarchies.
In such a system, the exercise of government was, even more than usual, a negotiation : an exchange between the needs and wishes of sovereigns, subordinates, and subjects.
Whatever the sovereign"s personal predilections, "he was bound lớn respect và support in his public office all the recognised religions of the people with a certain measure of impartiality".

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to lớn press something, especially a mixture for making bread, firmly & repeatedly with the hands and fingers

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