The VEGAS range of creative sầu software is all you need for fast, professional và efficient đoạn phim production, and brings a whole new level of creative freedom lớn your editing and post production. VEGAS delivers fantastic results and allows everyone – from every day enthusiasts khổng lồ busy professionals – lớn focus on creativity without limits.

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Your post-production workflow alternative keeps getting stronger. VEGAS POST Suite introduces the second generation of VEGAS post-production tools. Video and audio editing, sophisticated compositing, VFX, particle generation, image compositing & finishing, & so much more all tightly integrated for a seamless workflow that accelerates you production and gives you the power you need from the start of post production to the finish.



With powerful new features based on artificial intelligence, and new hardware acceleration technologies, VEGAS Pro 18 continues to evolve as the most powerful editing tool available. Coupled with the evolution of existing features inlớn even more powerful, efficient tools, VEGAS Pro 18 enables you lớn get your work done faster and more effectively than ever.



VEGAS Pro 18 Edit gives you the tools that enable you khổng lồ unleash your creativity. If you're longing for more, VEGAS Pro 18 offers unmatched audio editing with SOUND FORGE Pro 14. VEGAS Pro Suite delivers an exclusive sầu special effects bundle that will spice up your projects. VEGAS Pro 365 is the low-cost subscription plan that lets you easily enter the VEGAS Pro universe.

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An easy-to-use, yet powerful feature mix at your fingertips – that"s what VEGAS Movie Studio stands for. Automatically produce videos in five easy steps or use many of the same tools as found in VEGAS Pro, such as đoạn Clip stabilization, motion tracking, và Bézier masking, lớn make sophisticated home page movies & brilliant social truyền thông media videos.

The VEGAS Movie Studio mode-based workflow helps you to lớn easily and quickly turn your footage into beautiful videos. The Platinum version provides an enhanced feature phối & some special effects. Choose VEGAS Movie Studio Suite lớn make Hollywood-like home page movies with the exclusive sầu plug-ins from NewBlueFX.

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Take your live sầu Clip events to the next level! Manage a variety of đoạn Clip và audio sources, add dynamic graphic overlays on the fly and stream khổng lồ any destination: VEGAS Stream works with your favorite apps and streaming services like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slaông xã, YouTube Live sầu or Twitch. Seamlessly edit the recorded stream in VEGAS Pro or VEGAS POST Suite & cốt truyện the best moments with your business partners, students or the website.

As a VEGAS Movie Studio owner, now you can upgrade lớn the award-winning VEGAS Pro for a special price!

VEGAS Movie Studio uses the same core công nghệ as the award-winning VEGAS Pro, so everything you learn to vị in VEGAS Movie Studio works nearly identically in VEGAS Pro. Just loaded with more power, a fully customised workflow và expanded functionality khổng lồ surpass your known limits!

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