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Từ điển Collocation

see verb

1 become aware of sth using your eyes

ADV. clearly | dimly | hardly I could hardly see because of the smoke. | just We could just see the khách sạn in the distance. | suddenly

VERB + SEE be able to lớn, can/could I could see the boat quite clearly now. | strain lớn | be amazed to lớn, be surprised to lớn He was surprised to lớn see Lucy standing there. | be relieved to | be glad khổng lồ, be overjoyed khổng lồ, be pleased khổng lồ I"m glad lớn see that you"re keeping well. | let sb A dolphin? Oh, let me see!

PHRASES turn and see He turned and saw her smile.

2 meet/visit sb

VERB + SEE want to, wish to lớn What is it you want khổng lồ see me about? | live sầu khổng lồ He didn"t live lớn see his grandchildren. | be glad khổng lồ, be overjoyed to lớn, be pleased to Aren"t you pleased to lớn see me?

PREP.. about She"s gone khổng lồ see the mechanic about getting her oto repaired.

3 go with/accompany sb

PHRASES see sb trang chính Don"t worry, I"ll see you home page.

4 understand/realize sth

VERB + SEE can/can"t, don"t I can see why you were so angry about it. I don"t see why she should get more money than the others. | be difficult khổng lồ It is difficult khổng lồ see how khổng lồ get round this problem.

5 find out

VERB + SEE want khổng lồ I want to see how they"ll react. | let sb Let"s see what happens.

PHRASES go và see ‘Has the post come yet?’ ‘I"ll just go and see.’ | wait & see ‘Is he going to get better?’ ‘I don"t know, we"ll just have sầu to lớn wait & see.’

Từ điển WordNet

the seat within a bishop"s diocese where his cathedral is located


perceive by sight or have sầu the power khổng lồ perceive by sight

You have to lớn be a good observer to lớn see all the details

Can you see the bird in that tree?

He is blind--he cannot see

go to lớn see for professional or business reasons

You should see a lawyer

We had khổng lồ see a psychiatrist

go lớn see for a social visit

I went khổng lồ see my friend Mary the other day

receive sầu as a specified guest

the doctor will see you now

The minister doesn"t see anybody before noon

see and understand, have a good eye

The artist must first learn khổng lồ see

deliberate or decide

See whether you can come tomorrow

let"s see--which movie should we see tonight?

observe as if with an eye

The camera saw the burglary & recorded it

match or meet

I saw the bet of one of my fellow players

English Idioms Dictionary

date, go out with, hang out with Derek is seeing Angie. Aren"t they a nice couple?

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English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

sees|saw|seeing|seensyn.: observe sầu notice note peer watch remark discern Chuyên ổn mục: Hỏi Đáp