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These economically most rewarding strategies differ significantly from today"s practice of symptomatic treatment when heavy rodent damage is noticed.
In absence of human infection, a likely explanation is the restricted movement và dispersion of both rodents & snails.
In rodents, the maternal mediation hypothesis for the counterintuitive sầu effects of early handling has received extensive sầu support.
In contrast to lớn small rodents such as wood mice & voles, and perhaps surprisingly, larger rodents such as rats have sầu been relatively neglected by helminthologists.
Consequently, there is an ongoing need to lớn parallel studies of rodent microglia with investigation of their human counterparts.
High infection rates of " đô thị foxes " increase the probability of transmission to lớn pet dogs and cats (via rodents in parks and recreational areas).
Tropical forest fragmentation & isolation promote asynchrony among muốn populations of a frugivorous rodent.
Little is known regarding the regulation of metalloproteinases in diabetic neuropathy in man or in rodent models of this complication of diabetes.
The evolutionary distance from the mole-rat families khổng lồ other rodents is fairly large và roughly comparable across the common members of the family.
The ability of relaxin khổng lồ decrease collagen synthesis in vitro is supported by several studies in rodent models of fibrosis.
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to lớn press something, especially a mixture for making bread, firmly & repeatedly with the hands và fingers

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