Slip on your boots & two-step down to ACC because it is ranked the number one Transfer Community College in Texas, according to lớn

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“What makes ACC different from all the rest is the time và effort that we as advisors put in for each student’s future,” says Advising Speciadanh mục Angelica Diaz-Mirandomain authority De La Rosa.

ACC is known to lớn be very accommodating khổng lồ the diverse student body toàn thân by providing courses during the weekdays, weekends, and through distance learning.

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Professor Paul Brown says, “ The Distance Learning courses allow students who may be working one or two jobs lớn also have time on the weekkết thúc to go over their readings. In addition they’re able to lớn complete homework and exams.”

Flexibility in the classes offered, is one reason ACC scored at the top of Successful Student’s ranking.

Audiology major Annette Kveton says, “being a student at ACC makes me feel very proud. I am transferring in the fall of next semester, and consider myself very lucky khổng lồ be a part of the number one ranked school in Texas for transfers,”

In addition, many are aware of the diversity ACC offers và Diaz-Miranda De La Rosa feels this is a big contribution khổng lồ this ranking. “Because ACC is so diverse with our students và faculty, students find it easier lớn feel like they belong. There are pieces of students’ culture and background that are celebrated here that I feel other institutions would not have the gumption to vì chưng. When students feel lượt thích they belong that creates a culture where people are accepting of others.”

Affordability is ACC’s mission to ensure that all students are able to lớn receive an education at a low cost.

Early childhood education major Jessica Powell says, “Additionally, ACC is affordable & accessible to lots of people. It makes taking basic classes much easier & cheaper, & in my opinion, there is no real need for basic classes lớn be taken at an expensive sầu university.”

Many students, teachers, và staff feel honored lớn have received this ranking.

Brown says, “I think ACC earned this ranking because of the quality of the faculty, many of whom have sầu practiced the profession they teach for decades before sharing their knowledge in the classroom.”

Austin Community College registration is open for the spring semester of 2018. Visit to lớn sign up for classes.

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Pick this story up in the Spring 2018 Life4U magazine on campus.


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