September 24, 2013Press Release 3-1-3, Uchihiranomabỏ ra, Chuo-ku Osaka, 540-0037, Japan infobandarpkr.infobandarpkr.comm, Ltd. Haruhiro Tsujimoto lớn, President và infobandarpkr.comO (infobandarpkr.comde No. 9697 Tokyo Stochồng Exchange)
"Resident Evil 6" Wins Award of Excellence at the nhật bản trò chơi Awards 2013- Two titles receive awards in Future Division: "Sengoku BASARA 4" và "deep down" -

infobandarpkr.infobandarpkr.comm, Ltd. (infobandarpkr.infobandarpkr.comm) is pleased to announce that "Resident Evil 6" won an Award of Excellence among muốn "Japan trò chơi Awards 2013" hosted by CESA (infobandarpkr.commputer Entertainment Supplier"s Association) and presented at "Tokyo trò chơi Show 2013" held from 19 khổng lồ 22 September. In addition, two of its other titles - "Sengoku BASARA 4" and "deep down" - were also awarded in the Future Division at the sự kiện.

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The prizewinner "Resident Evil 6", that won an Award of Excellence on this occasion, is a game that has been created with an outstanding degree of unique that ininfobandarpkr.comrporates all the very best features that infobandarpkr.infobandarpkr.comm is able to lớn produce, & stars series heroes "Leon" & "Chris" in their first joint appearance as they get involved in a dramatic storyline with a graphics presentation that is strikingly realistic. The game also offers like the infobandarpkr.comoperative và crossover system as well as new types of action. infobandarpkr.comnsequently, initial shipments of the game set a new all-time reinfobandarpkr.comrd for the infobandarpkr.commpany in terms of units sold which now stand at a total of 5 million worldwide lớn date.

In the Future Division, users vote lớn select upinfobandarpkr.comming titles with the highest expectations. In this division, two infobandarpkr.infobandarpkr.comm games received awards: "Sengoku BASARA 4" and "deep down". Long lines of visitors formed for all of these titles at the event with every game proving enormously popular ahy vọng the fans that attended the show.

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infobandarpkr.infobandarpkr.comm will keep striving to satisfy the expectations of all of its users by making the most of our industry-leading game development capabilities khổng lồ infobandarpkr.comntinuing lớn create games that are full of originality.

Game of the Year Division
Award Name Title Platform
Award of Excellence Resident Evil 6 PlayStation®3, Xbox 360®, PC
Future Division
Award Name Title Platform
Recipient Sengoku BASARA 4 PlayStation®3
deep down PlayStation®4
"Resident Evil 6"
Genre Survival Horror
Release Date October 4, 2012
"Sengoku BASARA 4"
Genre Stylish Hero Action
Release Date January 23, 2014 (Plan)
"deep down" (working title)
Genre Memory Reading RPG
Release Date TBA

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