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Saving Recovered Files

This section relates lớn the saving of your recovered files (for information on how to lớn save search results so that they can be reloaded inlớn Recover My Files at a later time, cliông xã here).quý khách đang xem: Getdata recover my files pro v5

Program Activation

In order to lớn save sầu files, you must activate the program with a product activation key.

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Note: To save sầu files from a RAID recovery, your need khổng lồ purchase a "Recover My Files Professional" or "Data Recovery Technician" license. For more information, learn about license types and program activation here.

How bởi vì I select Files to lớn be saved?

To select a tệp tin to lớn be saved; in the search results window place a tiông chồng in the box next to lớn the file;

To select a thư mục to be saved; in the tìm kiếm results window place a tiông xã in the box next to the thư mục to lớn be saved. All files in that thư mục will automatically be ticked (selected).

To select a group of files và folders to lớn be saved: Hold down the SHIFT key (for groups) or CTRL key (for individual selections), use your mouse to select the files that you require & then press the SPACE BAR key to turn the selection tiông xã on or off.

What files should I save?

Recover My Files is designed lớn get back your created photos, documents, music etc. Select & save sầu the files that are most important to lớn you. Remember;

There is no point saving gigabytes of Windows System files that will be worthless to you and it will just slow the saving process down;

Rather than trying to recover and save sầu software programs, it is better khổng lồ reinstall software programs from the original disks or installation files to be sure the integrity of their registry settings etc.

How much space will I need khổng lồ save the files?

In the bottom boarder of the Recover My Files search results window you will see the number of files selected, & the total kích thước of the files selected, e.g. "Selected items 25 (22.3mb)".

During the saving process, as each tệp tin is saved, the selection tiông xã is removed from the file and correspondingly the number of "Selected items" & the total kích cỡ of selected files is reduced.

If the truyền thông that you are saving to lớn runs out of space, simply connect new truyền thông media và restart the save process.


TIP: It is prudent khổng lồ save sầu files in manageable volumes. For example, instead of trying khổng lồ save 2 terra byte of data in one go, Windows may find it less intensive if you were to break it up into lớn 4 x 500 segments.

The "Save Files" button

The Save sầu Files button has three options:


"Save sầu Files"Press the "Save Files" button & the selected files will be automatically saved to lớn your chosen location. The saved files will have sầu exactly the same file and folder structure that appears in the search results screen.

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"Save sầu to a CD/DVD"Recover My Files has the capability to save sầu files directly lớn a CD or DVD. Importantly, the is a secure process which does not write new data lớn the disk. Learn more about saving files khổng lồ a CD or DVD here.

Where vị I save files?

Recover My Files is designed specifically so that it does not alter the content of the drive sầu being searched. This avoids new data overwriting & permanently destroying deleted or missing files that could have sầu other wise been recovered. For this reason:

You must save files found with Recover My Files khổng lồ a drive other than the one from which the files are being recovered.

Your primary options are:

Save sầu khổng lồ another drive;This can be another drive sầu letter on you hard drive (e.g.: Drive "D:"), another separate hard drive connected inside to lớn your computer or an external hard drive connected by USB, Fire Wire, or other method.

Save sầu to a Network Drive;In order to save sầu files to a network drive, the remote location must be shared as a drive sầu letter on the computer which is running Recover My Files. Then, when the "Browse" button is selected in the Recover My Files "Save Files" window (shown below) it is possible lớn navigate to lớn and select this remote drive letter.

File Saving Options

Select the "Save Location" by either typing the destination path, e.g. "C: ecovery" or using the "Browse..." button to select the desired destination.

Current "Save sầu Settings" can be view by selecting the drop down arrow & save sầu settings can be changed by selecting "Set Options" button:




What will the files look lượt thích when they are saved?

If you are saving files from "Folder" view of the Recover My Files search results screen, the files that are saved will have sầu same tệp tin names và thư mục structure that you see in this screen.

If you are saving files from "File Type" view, the files that are saved will have sầu same file names và thư mục structure that you see in the "File Type" view.

What happens after I save sầu the files?

As a tệp tin is saved, the tiông xã is removed from the selection box.

The results stay in the search window. In Recover My Files version 4, the results only disappear if you start a new tìm kiếm or cthảm bại the program. You can only reload the existing tìm kiếm results if you have sầu previously save them - learn how here.

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Never write new data khổng lồ the problem drive until you are sure that you have recovered all data that you need. Writing new data khổng lồ the drive will change its content and may overwrite và destroy deleted or missing files so that a new search will Recover My Files will no longer find them.