Help SMEs lớn better recruit, train, manage và retain their newly-hired PMETs Encourage the adoption of progressive sầu human resource practices within SMEs Help to place job-seeking PMETs inlớn suitable SME jobs.

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SME Needs P-Max Options
SME hiring PMETs P-Max
SME hiring PMETs, older workers who are Singapore Citizen age 50 years & above P-Max for Older Workers
Non-hiring SMEs P-Max Lite

Local SMEs looking lớn hire PMETs Local SMEs looking to improve their HR practices within the organisation Job-seeking PMETs who are Singapore Citizens or Singaporean Permanent Residents, looking for a career with SMEs

P-Max và P-Max for Older Workers<1>

Job Matching - Job-seeking PMETs will be screened và matched into suitable positions in hiring SMEs by Programme Managers ( PMs ). SMEs with newly-hired PMETs are also eligible khổng lồ participate. Training - PMETs" supervisors & their newly-hired PMETs will attkết thúc the respective workshops stated below:
2/3-Day PMET workshop

PMETs will learn to:

Better acclimatise to & take on SME jobs
1-Day SME workshop

SME Supervisors will learn to:

Better communicate with their newly-hired PMETs Adopt and incorporate progressive HR best practices/guidelines within their SMEs

1-Day Age management workshop

(P-Max for Older Workers only)

SME Reps will learn to:

Better communicate and manage their newly-hired older worker Adopt and incorporate age management practices within their SMEs

All workshops enjoy up to lớn 90% course fee funding for Singaporean and PRs.

Post-training follow-up - Upon completion of both workshops, the appointed P-Max PMs will follow-up with the newly-trained PMET personnel và their SME supervisor for a period of six months. Assistance Grant - SMEs that successfully complete the six-month follow-up and retain their newly-hired PMET employee will then be eligible for a one-off grant of $5,000 or $10,000 Assistance Grant (P-Max for Older Workers only).

P-Max Lite<1>

Training - SMEs interested in building up their human capital capabilities within their organisation can send their SME supervisor(s) to attend the SME workshop and enjoy up khổng lồ 90% course fee funding for Singaporeans and PRs.

<1>Effective sầu 15 July 2019

How will SMEs benefit?

P-Max và P-Max for Older Workers

Hiring SMEs can seek assistance from PMs to help screen and refer suitable job-seeking PMETs for their job vacancies under the Programme.

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Participating SMEs can also enjoy up lớn 90% course fee subsidy<2> for PMET, SME training workshops và Age Management workshop (applicable for P-Max for Older Worker only), while eligible SMEs will receive sầu a one-time $5,000 Assistance Grant or $10,000<3> Assistance Grant (P-Max for Older Workers only) upon completion of the Programme and six month retention of the newly hired PMET(s).

P-Max Lite

Non-hiring SMEs can enjoy up to 90% course fee subsidy for the SME training workcửa hàng under P-Max Lite. This programme targets non-hiring supervisors in SMEs who are keen to lớn learn progressive sầu HR practices lớn better manage their existing staff. Course fee funding will be provided for non-hiring SME supervisors to lớn attover the SME workshop which will cover progressive sầu HR-related topics, such as goal setting & performance management tools và an introduction to lớn an HR toolkit. SMEs under P-Max Lite will not be eligible for the assistance grant.

<2> Only Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident are eligible for the course fee subsidy.

<3> Please note that the Assistance Grant is capped at $5,000 or $10,000 (for SMEs under P-Max for Older Worker) regardless of the number of PMETs hired & retained under P-Max. Companies who previously have sầu received $5,000 P-Max grant will only be eligible for additional $5,000 under P-Max for Older Workers


P-Max for Older workers

P-Max Lite

SME Criteria

Companies registered or incorporated in Singapore; Employment form size (at group level) of not more than 200; OR Annual sales turnover (at group level) of not more than S$100 million; At least 30% local shareholding being held by Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident Hired a PMET within the last three months (i.e. 90 days) prior lớn enrolment inkhổng lồ programme, offering a gross monthly salary of at least $2,500

PMET Criteria

Be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident who is keen lớn pursue a full-time career in an SME; and Be a Singapore Citizen, age 50 và above sầu who is keen lớn pursue a full-time career in an SME; and


Possess educational qualifications that are Diploma or higher, or employed/have prior work experience in a PMET position; and Graduated or completed National Service for at least one year, whichever is later. Must not be connected to lớn the P-Max participating company a. Shareholder of P-Max company or its related companies1; b. Related to lớn the owners2 of the P-Max company; và c. Immediate ex-staff of the P-Max company or related entities
1This does not apply to lớn shareholders who hold publicly traded shares in listed companies
2For non-publicly listed companies, refer lớn individuals with shareholding per ACRA profile

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