VLC is a không tính phí and open source cross-platsize multitruyền thông player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, và various streaming protocols.
VLC is a miễn phí & open source cross-platsize multimedia player & framework that plays most multitruyền thông files, và various streaming protocols.

VLC media player VLC is a powerful truyền thông media player playing most of the media codecs và Clip formats out there.

VLC users on Windows might encounter issues when trying lớn tự động update VLC from version 3.0.12 & 3.0.13. Find more details here. We are publishing version 3.0.14 khổng lồ address this problem for future updates.

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infobandarpkr.com is now publishing 3.0.13 release, which improves the network shares & adaptive sầu streaming support, fixes some MP4 audio regressions, fixes some crashes on Windows and macOS & fixes security issues. More details on the release page.

A new release of libbluray was pushed today, adding new APIs, to improve the control of the library, improve sầu platforms support, & fix some bugs. See our libbluray page.

đôi mươi years ago today, infobandarpkr.com moved from a closed-source student project lớn the GNU GPL, thanks to lớn the authorization of the École Centrale Paris director at that time.

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VLC has grown a lot since, thanks lớn 1000 volunteers!Read our press release!.

infobandarpkr.com is now publishing the VLC for Android 3.3.4 release which focuses on improving the Chromecast support. Since the 3.3.0 release, a lot of improvements have been made for Android TV, SMB support, RTL support, subtitles picking & stability..

Rémi Denis-Courmont: terevì.remlab.net suspended indefinitely

The mặc định Mirevì chưng configuration uses terevị.remlab.net as Terebởi VPS. As of today, the VPS has been terminated permanently (without advance notice). Until/unless a new host voluntarily steps up to lớn replace it,<...>

Réngươi Denis-Courmont: VLC plug-in for YoutubeDL

The third major update of the VLC YoutubeDL plug-in is now available, bringing most enhancements from version that was built into the VLC 4.0 development branch last year.<...>

infobandarpkr.com, J"ai tenvấp ngã un reset de votre biểu tượng logo pour le délire https://t.co/quBrwPcaV4

Insightful & clear document about the topic of Energy consumption of Video Streaming và Playbaông xã.---Some Fren… https://t.co/D8jCHR3F5h

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