Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen – game just released on the morning of February 6, released on Smartphone platforms. The following article we will guide you how to get the code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen và enter the code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen in the game. This is a remarkable swordplay game in early 2018.

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Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen is a game sản phẩm released by Funtap. trò chơi released on Android, iOS và computer emulator applications. Currently, when you experience Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen you will be supported with the code. Part code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen This is broadcast to gamers upon launch.

Instructions khổng lồ receive sầu & enter Code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen

On the occasion of the game’s launch sự kiện, the Funtap publisher gave gamers code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen. You can find a lot of forums that generate code Ngiêu Kiếm Kỳ Duyên. With a limited number, players must quickly get the code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen.

How lớn get the code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen

Option 1: Subscribe to game forums

Gamer Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen should regularly visit the homepage or fanpage of the game to update the lakiểm tra information on the event. Usually on special occasions, gamers can receive code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen at forums.

You should pay cthua trận attention to forums such as fanpage facebook & group so that you can own code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen faskiểm tra because the number is always limited.

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Option 2: Get giftcode at game homepage

Code type: mở cửa Beta

Time: From February 6 until the code runs out

Step 1 : You access the game trang đích lớn receive sầu the code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen, friover Here -> Cliông xã word GIFTCODE


Step 2: You login Funtap web with Facebook trương mục or Funtap ID (if you have one). You should use Facebook for more convenience.


Step 3 : You post clichồng on the word again giftcode After successfully logging in to lớn receive the code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen.



You will receive sầu a code called Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen displayed on the screen.

How to lớn enter code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen

After you have the code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen thiết bị di động, you proceed khổng lồ the game & enter giftcode to lớn change inkhổng lồ attractive sầu rewards in the game. You proceed with the operations below.

Step 1 : You choose the interface Welfare


Step 2 : Select a feature Change the activation code


Step 3 : Enter the code & press Take khổng lồ get the code Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen



– When entering giftcode you should turn off the Unikey tool (Vietnamese percussion) lớn avoid accented errors.– When participating in forums khổng lồ hunt code, you should also be careful with nhái accounts to lớn cheat for profit.

On February 6, Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen officially launched the player. A lot of interesting things are waiting for you in the first day of xuất hiện Beta, quickly join them. You can refer how to play Ngao Kiem Ky Duyen on the computer here Manga H5 is also a thiết bị di động game released recently, you enter Manga Code H5 here