After nearly a decade of playing Naruto Clip games, that annoying little jerk of a ninja unleashes his most powerful move sầu yet — making me cry.

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God I hate hyên.

The creation of manga artist Masashi Kishimoto lớn, Naruto began as a one-shot comic strip and grew into one of the best-selling manga series of all-time. Studio Pierrot's animated adaptation of the work brought Naruto's dull-witted smile và endless optimism to the non-backwards-reading masses, cementing the young ninja's position as a Japanese cultural icon.

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He's kind of a big deal.

In an effort to lớn better underst& the games (my first introduction lớn the series was an import copy of 2003's Naruto: Clash of the Ninja for GameCube), I watched all 2trăng tròn episodes of the original anime series. As any Naruto tín đồ will tell you, this was a massive waste of time, as huge chunks of that run can be completely skipped without losing track of the main story. But I watched it all, coming away with a better understanding of the overall plot and a big question: "Why do so many people love this idiot?"


WHY: After the flashbachồng episode that was Generations, the Ultimate Nin-Ja Storm gets bachồng to lớn telling powerful stories with spectacular boss fights, even if they are covered up by crappy quick time sự kiện prompts.