Our Awaken 3Q Gift Code 2021 Wiki has the latest danh mục of working gift code. Get new active sầu coupon codes and redeem some miễn phí items.

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Awaken 3Q Gift Code


By using the new active sầu Awaken 3Q Gift Code, you can get some various kinds of không tính phí stuffs such as Gold, Gems, EXP.. Raccoon Card, EXP Booster, và others.

We will keep update this các mục & will add whenever the new codes are released, so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

Awaken 3Q Gift Code (June 2021)

Here is the các mục of new Awaken 3Q Gift Code that currently available. (June 2021)

New Available (Working)levelreward : Redeem this code và get the rewardnewbie : Redeem this code & get the rewardawaken3q : Redeem this code & get the rewardExpired (Out of Date)None

How lớn Redeem the Codes

The way to using coupon code is very simple.

Step 1. To use the code, you have to lớn go to lớn this site first : https://nap.sohagame.vn/awaken3q.

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Step 2. Now you should login that site, then your character trương mục will show up.

Step 3. Select your anh hùng character. After that, menu button will open up. Tab GIFTCODE button.

Step 4. You will see text box area at the bottom where you can use code.

Step 5. Input the code & press USE button. To get the reward, go lớn the game & check your in-game mail box.

Game Description

※trò chơi Features※

▶Turn-based RPGArrange team of 5 heroes to lớn challenge opponentsEngage in thrilling strategy with your Heroes’ every turn!▶StoryLegend heroes of The Three Kingdoms return lớn modern times.Looking for The Underworld’s Key, unified nine provinces, defeat Dark Dragon.▶Beautiful 3 chiều graphic design, every battle is satisfiedBeautiful illustrations, chất lượng costumes, flashy skillsEnjoy 3Q Awaken, a top chất lượng game & becomes a new King

※Game Contents※

– None Combat power : Forget psychology barrier, get the victory by your own power.– None VIPhường cấp độ : Without privileges/ priority rights, everyone has a fair game experience– Collect Heroes from each Element & chạy thử their limits : Fire – Water – Wood – Shadow– Terrritorial Management – Resource production : Exchanging sản phẩm, upgrading vật phẩm, 300 heroes, 1500 skills and countless “brain hacking” effects. The aremãng cầu is only for the most skillful players. It’s you who create Meta, you will be the one who turns the table & rouse the game by using quality và exotic ways.– Only 1 single VPS : Defeat all powerful conquistador from different countries, do you dare?– Automatic train khổng lồ get items : Getting rewards without playing.