Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sầu is a chất lượng game for many various reasons. It’s one of the most popular & profitable esports disciplines, it’s a deep and super satisfying multiplayer shooting experience, và also, it’s a very flexible environment - with many personalization options. If you need khổng lồ adjust your in-game settings lớn remove sầu some inconvenience on your way khổng lồ success, you can use CS:GO console commands from this detailed guide.

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There is one major thing that can’t be changed with the CSGO console commands - and that’s the appearance of your weapon arsenal. To look great during matches you may have sầu to lớn spover long hours hoping to lớn get something nice from the random drop. Or instead, you can buy CS:GO skins on & amaze everyone on the server with your unique style.

How khổng lồ Use Console Commands in CS:GO?


The game has more than three thous& commands that change different settings. Each of these has its own specific purpose. For example, CSGO console commands help to:

Make the game interface more convenient for you;Improve sầu game performance on an outdated PC;Change the CS:GO crosshair to make your shots even more accurate;Activate CS:GO cheat commands khổng lồ create special conditions for training or just to lớn have sầu fun with friends;Change settings for your mouse.

To get the max from the power of CS GO commands, you should first gain some basic experience in the game - otherwise you won’t feel what is better for your playing style. If you’re just starting your Counter-Strike adventure, check out these Essential CS:GO Tips for Beginners.

How to xuất hiện Console in CS:GO?

To enter a console command, you must activate the console. This is a very simple process.

To open the console in CS:GO, press the tilde button ~ while you are playing the game.

By default, the possibility khổng lồ activate the console is enabled. If the tilde doesn’t work, this is how khổng lồ enable console in CSGO:

Enter the game Settings Menu;Choose the trò chơi Settings;Select Yes near Enable Developer Console.

Most of the professional players use console commands - as these allow their talent khổng lồ bloom to lớn its full power. Some of these guys are mentioned in this post as The 10 Best CS:GO Players in the World (2020).

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CS:GO Console Commands for the User Interface

Most of the games differ from the real world by the inclusion of convenient icons and windows that fly in front of your eyes and give sầu various helpful information - a feature enabled since the classic FPS. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sầu, players have a radar & info on the weapon, bullets, health, & opponents in the match.

Usually, this interface is called HUD, heads up display. The game gives quite a lot of possibilities to customize it. You can vì chưng it with codes from this CS:GO commands list:

CSGO Radar Commands

cl_hud_radar_scale 1 - changes the value lớn make the radar bigger or smaller. The mặc định value is 1. You can use numbers from 0.8 lớn 1.3cl_radar_scale 0.7 - this commvà changes the kích thước of objects on the radar. The possible values are 0.25 lớn 1cl_radar_square_with_scoreboard 0/1 - the radar becomes square when you open the scoreboard (1) or remains round (0)cl_drawhud_force_radar -1/0/1 - conditions for showing the radar on the screen: never (-1) or when HUD is disabled (1) or enabled (0)cl_teammate_colors_show 0/1 - lớn turn off/on different colors for your teammates on the radarcl_radar_rotate 0/1 - the radar rotates with your game character (1) or it remains still (0)cl_radar_always_centered 0/1 - the radar is centered around your character (1) or not (0)hideradar - lớn remove radar

CS:GO HUD Commands

cl_hud_color 0-10 - different basic colors of the in-game interfacecl_hud_playercount_showcount 0/1 - disables/enables the player count menu as numbers of alive sầu players. In the disabled condition, you will see Steam avatarscl_hud_playercount_pos 0/1 - lớn place the player count menu lớn the upper side of the screen (0) or lớn the bottom (1)+cl_show_team_equipment - you will see the names of your teammates & their equipment above sầu their heads during the whole round. To return the mặc định settings (the info only at the start), use the disabling comm& -cl_show_team_equipment+showscores or +score - the game score will be always visible on the screen. To disable, use -showscores or -scorecl_drawhud_force_deathnotices -1/0/1 - info on kills never appears on the screen (-1) or it is shown when HUD is disabled (1) or enabled (0)cl_hud_bomb_under_radar 0/1 - if you carry the bomb, its ibé will appear underneath radar (1) or will be disabled (0)cl_hud_healthammo_style 0/1 - to lớn see info on your health & armor only as numbers (1) or as numbers and the bar (0)cl_spec_swapplayersides - places players and teams names to the other side of the screen (1) or returns them to the default one (0). The comm& affects HUD for spectatorshud_scaling 0.85 - makes all the HUD elements bigger or smaller. Use the values from 0.5 khổng lồ 0.95mapoverview_icon_scale 2 - icons on the bản đồ overview become twice bigger. Return the mặc định condition with the value 1hud_showtargetid 0/1 - lớn hide/show info on opponents when you hover over them

Commands khổng lồ Reload HUD

hud_reloadscheme - the HUD will be reloaded lớn apply all the custom changescl_reload_hud - use this command khổng lồ cancel all the changes to lớn CS:GO HUD và return the default settings

Along with knowing all the HUD elements, good CS:GO players should know all the places on their virtual maps. These are not indicated on the screen, but you can discover their names in this very helpful guide: All CS:GO Map Callouts.

CS:GO trò chơi Performance Commands

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sầu is a pretty old game. It was released in 2012, so it may seem that it runs smoothly even on outdated computers. That’s not totally true. Developers from Valve put enough effort to lớn make their multiplayer games up to date, fresh & beautiful. Like with Team Fortress 2, they make CS:GO look và feel as if it’s a new, recently released sản phẩm (like Half-Life: Alyx). Even though their dedication to lớn making the game accessible from most devices is to lớn be praised, sometimes it becomes insufficient. However, players can change và update their settings lớn remove sầu lags & make the picture beautiful once again.

This section explains how khổng lồ use console commands lớn kiểm tra out the performance và make helpful changes.

Game Performance

Owners of good gaming computers can skip this part. The commands here bring some small changes lớn the settings that will decrease the PC load.

r_eyemove 0, r_gloss 0 - to lớn remove movements and shine of the game characters’ eyescl_disable_ragdolls 1 - no ragdolls technologydsp_slow_cpu 1 - activates lower unique of in-game sounds

CS:GO Ping Command

It’s better to play with low ping - there is almost no delay between actions on the hệ thống và on your screen. Ping is also a significant part of the performance for multiplayer games. It can be adjusted by using this command:mm_dedicated_search_maxping 80000 - max allowed ping, where 1000 in the value is 1 second

CS:GO Graphics & Sound Commands

Most of the graphics và CS:GO sound settings are available through the usual in-game tools. Still, you might also need some console commands.

mat_monitorgamma 1.8 - brightness of the virtual world (CSGO brightness command). Usually use values from 1.6 to lớn 2.1. Make sure that you play in a well-lit environment to lớn decrease contrast of the monitor brightness and surrounding spacevolume 1 - khổng lồ set the volume of all the soundssnd_musicvolume 1 - the music volumesnd_headphone_pan_exponent 1 - the volume of sounds from the distancevoice_enable 0 - the commvà with this value turns off all the voices in the chat. Set 1 to return the standard settingvoice_enable 0 - it’s how to lớn mute everyone in CS:GO on the voice chatvoice_scale 2 - to lớn scale the volume in the voice chat (use your value)windows_speaker_config 1-5 - lớn indicate which audio device you are using. The value 2 is for a headset, 3 is using four speakers, 4 is two speakers, & 5 is for the 5.1 surround system. The value 1 is default by the computer

CS:GO Commands for In-game Elements

hud_showtargetid 0 - to lớn disable players’ names while you’re pointing the crosshair CS GO over their characterscl_draw_only_deathnotices 1 - to lớn see only death notifications during the gamev_showbullethits 0 - with this command, there will be no blood in the virtual world of CS:GOr_cleardecals - to remove sầu all the damages & splashed bloodcon_filter_enable 2->con_filter_text Damage->con_filter_text_out Player - this combination of CS:GO console commands activates showing statistics on caused damage after the death of your charactercam_idealdist 150 - how far the camera is from your character during the game
cam_idealyaw 0 - determines the position of the camera in the circle around the charactercam_command 1 - activates the game view from the third person perspective
cl_righth& 0-1 - to change the weapon hvà (right-left).