The message "Error 740: The requested operation requires elevation" indicates that has been configured lớn Run as administrator. Some people might vì this to make it possible for to lớn create and/or edit Zip files in protected folders, such as those inside the Program Files thư mục. That configuration will work for some uses of, but it will then cause this issue for other uses.

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User Account Control in Windows 10, Windows 8, & Windows 7 causes applications to run as a "user" rather than as an "administrator" by default. Certain actions you take will cause User Account Control lớn display a dialog which will allow you to elevate your permissions level to the administrator màn chơi. A program that is running with user permissions, however, will not cause User Account Control to offer you this option.

If you right clichồng a file or thư mục in order to use the context menu for zipping (see the picture below), and if is configured to always Run as administrator, the error above sầu will occur.



The configuration mentioned above can be found in the Compatibility tab of Properties. If you right cliông chồng the desktop shortcut & choose Properties, the dialog will open. If you find the kiểm tra box next to Run this program as an administrator is checked, Windows will require to lớn always run with administrator permissions. In other words, any time you start, using one of the shortcut icons or by double clicking a Zip tệp tin, a UAC dialog will display requiring and enabling you to lớn elevate your permissions.

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The "Run as administrator" configuration causes a conflict with context menus, such as the one pictured. Conext menus are contolled by Windows Explorer (explorer.exe), and that is running as a user by mặc định. Windows Explorer is unable, then, to lớn elevate permissions, which is necessary lớn cause khổng lồ run, since it is phối khổng lồ always run as administrator. You will need to lớn remove the check from this box to stop seeing this error.

Note: You should also clichồng the Change settings for all users button & unkiểm tra the Run this program as an administrator box if you find that it is checked in the all users dialog.

If you have sầu any questions about this information, please submit a Technical ticket.