Way baông chồng in 1985, Kazuhisa Hashimokhổng lồ was working on the arcade game Gradius. Because he didn’t want lớn actually play the whole game during the testing process, he developed a little shortcut that gave hyên ổn a full mix of power-ups, letting hlặng live sầu long enough lớn easily get lớn where he needed to without dying. When the game went live sầu in 1986, the code was still there. To get full power-ups, all a player had to lớn vị was enter the code up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.

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The triông xã caught on, & soon, the so-called “Konamày Code” could be found in a number of arcade and video games. Most notably, it gave sầu you 30 extra lives in Contra. This super-secret (…or not) code has a special place in the hearts of geeks who have sầu since grown up và used the insider code in websites, in movies, và on TV shows. Here are a few places to watch for the UUDDLRLRBA reference.

1. It’s Shark Week every day at Qiwi.be. Keep hitting enter once you key in the code.

2. Some old-school Nintenvị nostalgia for you at virtualNES. Enter to lớn activate.

3. Just when you thought the babé craze had reached its limits, SoundClick takes it lớn another màn chơi.

4. The Code plays a key role in Wreck-It Ralph

5. You can also find a reference to the code in the queue to meet the Wreck-It Ralph characters at Disney"s Hollywood Studios:



Phokhổng lồ courtesy of Gamesided

A Redditor thought that the code above resembled hex code, so he sent the chain through a decoder khổng lồ see what he would get. The result? "UUDDLRLRBA." The find was confirmed by the animator who put it there.

7. In 1976, Gene Roddenberry & William Shatner sat down and had a little chat about Gene"s history và the development of Star Trek. It"s not terribly hidden, since the page spells out exactly how to find this "hidden" interview. But it"s fun anyway!

8. Here"s a little twist on the code: Go to a Google search bar, then use Google Voice to lớn tìm kiếm for "Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right." (No "b" or "a" necessary.) It unlocks a Google "cheat mode" that will make you laugh. Or at least roll your eyes.

9. Various Conde Nast UK sites provide a quiông xã look at ancient fashion history you probably didn"t know about—kiểm tra out Vogue và GQ

10. The UK Wired (also Conde Nast) site also has a little hidden treat. Meow go on over & try it out.

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11. Try it at digg.com—và turn your speakers on.

12. The code works on BuzzFeed. It"s diabolical, though. SFW—just diabolical. 

13. There"s no missing the effects of the Code at Dango Design.

14. Eagle-eyed fans of the animated Disney series Gravity Falls may have noticed the gaming reference on the journal page in the intro. You can see how fast it goes by here, which is where I grabbed the screenshot.


15. Scott Pilgrim fans won"t be surprised to learn that there"s a hidden message on the Scott Pilgryên iPhone ứng dụng site. Be sure khổng lồ press enter.

16. Could you use more rainbows and unicorns in your life? Cornify thought so, too. Head there và enter the Code for a sparkly surprise.

17. Geek and Hype"s Konangươi Code contribution is quite fitting. 

18. Get ready for fun graphics and earwig music over at Nikdaum.com.

19. The next time you"re over at dancesportinfo.net, checking out the lachạy thử in the world of ballroom dancing, give the code a try. 

20. The Easter egg at teddy-o-ted.com is actually somewhat useful ... or at least more so than most of these.

21. I"m going to show you one of the images you see when you enter the code at http://www.ukoakdoors.co.uk/, but trust me—you"re going to want to lớn go see the other two. (Let us know if you find more than two.)