Our Idle Goddess Gift Code 2021 Wiki has the lachạy thử danh mục of working coupon code. Get new active gift code & redeem không lấy phí items.

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Idle Goddess Gift Code


By using the new active sầu Idle Goddess Gift Code (also called Coupon Code), you can get some various kinds of free stuffs such as Gold, Sumtháng Coupon, Hero EXPhường., Diamonds, và others.

We will keep update this list and will add whenever the new codes are released, so make sure lớn bookmark this page.

Idle Goddess Gift Code (May 2021)

Here is the danh sách of new Gift Code that currently available. (May 2021)

New Available (Working)IG2021 : Redeem this code và get the rewardvip999 : Redeem this code & get x1 5 Star HeroIdleGoddess : Redeem this code và get x50k EXP., x10 Comtháng Summon Coupon, x50k Goldvip666 : Redeem this code và get x100k Goldvip777 : Redeem this code và get x100k Hero EXPvip888 : Redeem this code và get x10 Common Sumtháng Coupon, x30k Gold, x30k Hero EXP, x200 DiamondsExpired (Out of Date)None

How lớn Redeem the Codes

The way lớn using the code is very simple and easy khổng lồ know.

Step 1. Go khổng lồ the game, find the Protệp tin Icon (Player Avatar) on the top-left corner of the screen and cliông chồng that.

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Step 2. When personal space thực đơn window pops up, cliông xã the Settings button.

Step 3. Find Code Exch button and cliông chồng that.

Step 4. GiftCode Exchange window will open up.

Step 5. Input the code và press Redeem button khổng lồ receive sầu some sweet rewards.

Game Description

Though burned into lớn ashes, the evil Long kept corroding the Dreaml& of Goddesses. Devil Maiden Lillian took the chance to awake powerful evil Element Spirits and tried khổng lồ bring destruction to lớn this wonderful homeland! At this very moment, Priestess Sakuno used up all her power to lớn skết thúc the diáp lực signals to lớn the brave sầu warriors across the Rift of Space và Time. To avoid humans being devoured by the nightmare, for the peace of this beautiful homelvà, & the better future of Ania Continent, Warriors, heed the call, come open the portal và save sầu the Ania Continent alongside with the Goddesses! Let’s bring light bachồng khổng lồ the world!

※Game Features※

◆Lovely Art StyleFrom the battlefield background to lớn the dazzling skill effects, the game is presented in an adorable Japanese cartoon art style. Cute and lovely, get rid of anything unhappy!

◆Balanced Attribute RestraintsEach Element Invoker has a chất lượng attribute. What will happen if you create a lineup with different attribute combinations? It must be very interesting! Now let’s start creating your own Goddess lineup!

◆Easy AFK Battles To Free Your HandsEven if you are not online, the lovely Goddesses will still try their best to fight against the evil forces. And the resource production will never stop. You can still get abundant rewards while offline!

◆Try Your Luck! Guarantees 5-Star Goddess From 10x SummonsWhether it’s a server launch sự kiện or daily activities, you’ll always get guaranteed 5-Star Goddess from 10x Summons! And this promise won’t break until the world end! Everyone will always be lucky!

◆Relaxing CaféTired? Come to lớn the Café to kiểm tra out what’s new! There are maids waiting for your orders, & young girl deskmates with prepared gifts for you! Get Diamonds, Summon Coupons, and even Wishing Tokens! Get 10x Summons easily without paying!