ground rule

A basic guideline or governing principle of procedural conduct in a given situation or endeavor. Often used in the plural ("ground rules"). The phrase is a reference lớn baseball, in which different ballparks have specific ground rules that govern play for that particular field. Before we begin the debate, let"s establish some ground rules about what may và may not be discussed OK, class, here are the ground rules: no talking during class & no cell phones. Follow those and you"ll stay on my good side.See also: ground, rule

ground rules

Basic guidelines or governing principles of procedural conduct in a given situation or endeavor. A reference lớn baseball, where the ground rules govern the rule of play specific khổng lồ different ballparks. Before we begin the debate, let"s establish some ground rules about what may & may not be discussed.See also: ground, ruleSee also:

ground rule|ground|rule

n. 1. A rule in sports that is made especially for the grounds or place where a game is played. Usually used in the plural. There was such a big crowd at the baseball game, that the ground rules of the field were changed in case a ball went into the crowd. 2. A rule, usually not written, of what to lớn bởi vì or how khổng lồ act in case certain things happen. Usually used in the plural. When you go to a new school, you don"t know tire ground rules of how you are supposed to behave sầu.

ground rules

ground rules Basic procedures of conduct, as in The press secretary sets the ground rules for all of the President"s press conferences. The term comes from baseball, where it refers to specific rules for a particular ballpark, which are based on special conditions such as a very high outfield fence or a field obstruction of some kind. It began lớn be transferred lớn more general use in the mid-1900s.

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