Watch God of War 3 Running in 4K on PC Thanks to the PS3 emulator RPCS3, fans of God of War can now watch the acclaimed God of War 3 running at an impressively steady framerate in beautiful 4K resolution.

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These days remasters are all the rage, offering fans updated versions of their favorite games from days past with visuals và sound on-par with modern day titles. However, these projects can take ages for developers to lớn produce, & there"s no guarantee that any one game will even get a remake. Fortunately, emulators have sầu made great strides in not only accurately reproducing games, but also making dramatic improvements khổng lồ how they look, sound, and persize. The lademo title lớn receive a 4K makeover is one of the PS3"s most critically-acclaimed games, God of War 3.

God of War games have always been praised for their visuals, but there"s no denying that a game lượt thích God of War 3 - released in 2010 - can"t compare lớn the visuals of 2018"s God of War. Even so, this 4K emulation of God of War 3 is truly a stunning technical feat, showing the game performing flawlessly during its most demanding, action-packed combat scenes.

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RPCS3 is a không tính tiền, open-source PS3 emulator team known for producing improved versions of games lượt thích Persona 5, Uncharted, Infamous, & now God of War 3. Although the project has yet to be listed as "Playable" by the emulator, the team says that thanks to lớn lead developer Nekotekimãng cầu, God of War 3 (along with many other games) saw a major improvement in performance over the previous version.

Assuming the 4K emulation of God of War 3 eventually becomes fully-playable, it might be just the thing needed lớn hold over fans of the series after last year"s God of War, which unfortunately lacks any post-game content. While the emulation is no replacement for what could"ve been had Sony Santa Monica decided khổng lồ continue forth with plans for God of War DLC, God of War 3 could still make for a worthwhile experience, especially in glorious 4K resolution.

Now that 4K appears lớn slowly becoming the standard for games in 2019, it"s likely khổng lồ see the next generation of consoles fully embrace the new giải pháp công nghệ. In fact, according lớn a recent rumor, even the Nintenvày Switch could see a 4K-compatible rethiết kế as early as this year. Although, lượt thích any rumor, it"s important to take this one with a heaping dose of salternative text.