A tool that predicts the future cancer incidence and mortality burden worldwide 2015-2035, based on changing demographics and current rates.


Interactive tools for analysing & visualizing data on the estimated global burden attributable to lớn specific causes of cancer.

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UV radiation



Interactive sầu tools for analysing và visualizing data on the estimated population-based cancer survival from specific cancer type.

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Globocan 2020



The Global Cancer Observatory (infobandarpkr.coms.com) is an interactive web-based platform presenting global cancer statistics to inkhung cancer control and cancer retìm kiếm. The platkhung focuses on the visualization of cancer indicators to lớn illustrate the changing scale, epidemiological profile, and impact of the disease worldwide, using data from several key projects of mister-bản đồ.com’s Section of Cancer Surveillance (CSU), including GLOBOCAN; Cancer Incidence in Five Continents (CI5); International Incidence of Childhood Cancer (IICC); and Cancer Survival in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Central America (SurvCan).

The data presented in the Global Cancer Observatory are the best available for each country worldwide. However, caution must be exercised when interpreting the data, recognizing the current limitations in the quality and coverage of cancer data, particularly in low- và middle-income countries. Our approach is not only to use the collected data but lớn work alongside national staff lớn improve sầu local data chất lượng, registry coverage, and analytical capacity. You can read more about our global efforts lớn help implement & develop population-based cancer registries through the Global Initiative for Cancer Registry Development (GICR), a multi-partner collaborative project, at the GICR trang web.

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The mister-bản đồ.com is under continual development & the team will continually seek novel và informative ways of presenting global cancer data that link to our retìm kiếm activities investigating the extraordinary cancer transitions taking place worldwide.

Please sover any comments or queries regarding this trang web to lớn the Section of Cancer Surveillance , International Agency for Retìm kiếm on Cancer, Lyon, France (csu