Currently, the number of players participating in Genshin Impact registration is still increasing day by day, the publisher miHoYo will support gamers in the form of giftcode, new player code for players.

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The list below is the Genshin Impact events that gamers quickly take advantage of khổng lồ receive sầu items, cấp độ up the characters in the game.

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1. Giftcode shared the whole VPS Genshin Impact

New code new Genshin Impact, updated on October 6, 2020:

Server America:

GENSHIN1006AServer Asia:

GENSHIN1006SServer Europe:

GENSHIN1006UGenshin Impact server Asia:

GENSHIN0928AGenshin Impact server North America:

Genshin0928NGenshin Impact server Europe:

Genshin0928EThe reward for the player is 60 Primogem và 10,000 Mora.

2. First event - Departure preparation

Join the Genshin Impact Việt Nam Facebook fanpage to hunt the code & the event via the liên kết below:

Genshin Impact - Preparing To Depart


Chance to lớn receive 4-star Weapons & Rare Relic


Extremely powerful items that help newcomer Genshin Impact màn chơi up, increasing power when participating in the Prepare departure event

End time of the sự kiện Prepare to lớn depart:

By the over of October 10, 2020

3. Next Event - Take pictures with Amber

Link lớn the event:

Genshin Impact - Take a picture with Amber

Event Photography with Amber AR to lớn receive sầu giftcode code Genshin Impact

Time khổng lồ end the event:

At 10:00 a.m. on October 25, 20đôi mươi.

4. Join the website, social network Genshin Impact to "hunt" code, giftcode

Here are the official sources of Genshin Impact for players to consult và find the code:

5. How to enter the Genshin Impact giftcode code?

Players need khổng lồ visit the Gift page, redeem lớn redeem the official gifts of miHoYo below:

Link changed to Genshin Impact code


Select the server, enter the Gift Code & press the Confirm Redemption button

Here players will see an option to:

Server cluster - choose Asia.Character name: the system will get it automatically if the player has created a character in the game.Enter the code in the Gift Code section.Cliông xã Confirm Exchange

Quickly hunt down & use the new Genshin Impact giftcode code before the event ends or the code expires. Good luck!