Updated April 27, 2021 | From MOBA to action RPG, Smartphone Legends is a successful franchise that counts with millions of players worldwide. thiết bị di động Legends: Bang Bang started the trover when it released in năm nhâm thìn, with an idle RPG spin-off coming in 2019, once again lớn great acclayên. Capitalizing on the characters from the multiplayer online battle arena game, điện thoại Legends: Adventure (play free on PC) features fantastic 2D artwork & the kind of gameplay that keeps you invested, making up for the lachồng of originality by its addictive nature. As you surely know by now if you"re a tín đồ of the genre, không lấy phí gift codes are a great way of getting some extra rewards, and this is where our thiết bị di động Legends Adventure CD Key codes list comes in handy.

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sản phẩm điện thoại Legends Adventure CD Key Codes


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The mobile Legends Adventure redeem codes are regularly released by the developers, Moonton, so you"re advised to lớn keep checking this page for any updates. As soon as a new CDKey is released, it could stay active sầu for several weeks or expire in just a few hours, usually depending on the chất lượng of the rewards and type of milestone that the game is celebrating.

Find our di động Legends Adventure CD Key codes menu below & grab tons of items such as gems (or diamonds).

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KTAROM (redeem for 500 gems, x3 Summon Ticket)MLMLA0908 (redeem for 350 gems, x3 Summon Ticket, 20k Coins)MLAXMPL (redeem for 288 gems, 50k coins, x2 Sumtháng Ticket)MLAIG500K (redeem for 1,000 gems)EV4UTW2223U (redeem for 1,000 Gems)47BWK42223S (1,000 Gems)T6J3GG2223RHVXFZM2223Q (500 Gems)MLAXMAS (1,000 Gems)888888 (288 Gems)MLA1YEAR (1,000 Gems)MLAFBGO (300 Gems)MLAISFIRE (40k Coins, x3 Summon Ticket)MLAREDDIT (500 Gems)MLADISCORD (300 Gems)MLAISLIT (30k Coins, 30 Gems)8G763N22239HV4K4V2223KHAPPYNEW202SUKNBJ2223MAU5RWR2223JMLA950KFBMLA35KFANSMLAVKFANS

And here you can find điện thoại Legends Adventure Chest Key Codes:

2QL6WU (redeem for 1,000 gems, x1 chest)

How to lớn Redeem điện thoại Legends Adventure Gift Codes

Besides giving you a list of CDKey codes that we"ll vị our best to lớn keep updated, this guide also shows you how lớn clayên ổn your gifts. It"s extremely simple as long as you follow the instructions below.

Launch thiết bị di động Legends AdventuresTap the Events option (hourglass icon) in the main screenFind the Notice tab at the bottom of the screen and use itTap Redeem CD KeyEnter your code and tap Confirm

Assuming that you entered a working code, the rewards should be instantly added to lớn your account, giving your các buổi party of heroes a nice little boost.

There is an alternate way to lớn redeem your CD Key. You just have to lớn go to lớn the official gift redemption page và enter your info, including tài khoản ID, server, & inserting a verification code. Beware of kém chất lượng phishing pages that may ask you for sensitive sầu data such as your password, a red flag that should tell you that it is a scheme devised lớn steal accounts.