The most beautiful costumes và accessories in the Code Audition X packages are being given không lấy phí of charge by the online publisher VTC to the players participating in the game experience, quickly join the events to lớn receive sầu the An extremely valuable gift lớn your character in the game.

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In this article, will summarize the broadcast events Code Audition X going on on official game channels such as: Home page, Fanpage or Group association. Just follow the required steps và you will be able lớn receive sầu gifts from these events.

Audition X giftcode synthesis

Code Audition X

1. Code Audition X general


2. Events receiving code Audition X

Events: Giftcode Receipt

+ Gift: Code Audition X, includes the following items:

150 Energy100,000 DEN10 Tickets swept20 luxury jade box

+ Link to lớn the event: HERE

Events: Selfie with AU X

+ Gift: Giftcode Audition X

+ Link khổng lồ the event: HERE

Events: AUX Village Gold Couple

+ Gift: Code game Audition X, including the following items:

1000 Ruby, 300.000 DEN, the perpetual double suit for the first prize winner– 500 Ruby, 200,000 DEN, the 30-day duo suit for the player who won second prize– 300 Ruby, 100,000 DEN, the 7-day duo suit for the third prize winner200,000 DEN, 10 sweepstakes, 150 energy, 7-day handheld accessories for all players participating in the sự kiện.

+ Link khổng lồ the event: HERE


Event: Get Full Set Welcome IOS

+ Gift: Players will own a full mix of items in the game, especially not sold in the siêu thị.

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+ Link lớn the event: HERE

3. Instructions for entering the Audition X code

Step 1: In the main game Audition X interface, you choose lớn enter red arrow ibé.


Step 2: The options panel displays, you cliông chồng the function Setting.


Step 3: Next you select the cống phẩm Enter a Giftcode.


Step 4: Enter the code Audition X owns in the box -> Cliông xã Agree khổng lồ exchange gifts.


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