This certification, delivered by the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC), is a content-driven objective sầu assessment of your knowledge & skills. The purpose of the CCHT is to lớn analyze your understanding of what you’ve sầu learned and your ability to lớn apply that knowledge in a clinical environment.

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In order to take the CCHT Exam, you must be in compliance with federal and state regulations as well as meet the training & experience requirements for the state in which you will practice.

CCHT Organization & Weight


Chechồng Out"s CCHT Printed Study Guide

There are 150 questions covering four nội dung areas that Cosplay the exam. You will have sầu 180 minutes (three hours) lớn complete all questions. All nội dung areas đánh giá your knowledge, comprehension, & application of the subject matter being tested. Each area is assigned a “weight” of importance. The higher the weight, the more questions involved. You must receive a score of 74% to lớn pass the CCHT Examination.

Clinical – consisting of 71 to 78 questions, this section has the most weight at 48% khổng lồ 50% of the total exam.Technical – consisting of 32 to 38 questions, this section has a weight of 21% to lớn 25% of the total exam.Environmental – consisting of 19 khổng lồ 25 questions, this section has a weight of 13% to lớn 17% of the total exam.Role Responsibilities – consisting of 15 to lớn 20 questions, this section’s weight is 10% to lớn 14% of the total. Exam.



The cost of the CCHT Examination is $225.00. If you need lớn reschedule an exam you have sầu already registered for, there is an additional $85.00 cost. There are also fees for requesting an extension, submitting a paper application after the deadline, a returned kiểm tra fee, & other fees that can quickly add to lớn your cost. Make sure you’re aware of the rules và regulations before submitting your application.

CCHT Exam Questions


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CCHT Test Online Prep Course

If you want to lớn be fully prepared, offers an online CCHT Prep Course. The course is designed to provide you with any & every resource you might want while studying. The CCHT Course includes:

29 Lessons Covering all the Topics400+ CCHT Practice QuestionsOver trăng tròn Video TutorialsMore than 500 Electronic FlashcardsMoney-baông xã GuaranteeFree Mobile Access& More!

The CCHT Prep Course is designed khổng lồ help any learner get everything they need lớn prepare for their CCHT exam; clichồng below khổng lồ check it out.

CCHT Examination Delivery

There are two ways for you lớn take the exam – online or via paper & pencil. Which delivery method you utilize will be dependent upon your location và desired certification date. Both methods are proctored (supervised by a certified provider).

Online method: There are no registration deadlines for taking the exam online. After you apply for the certification, contact information for the testing center will be supplied to you.Paper và pencil method: This delivery method is offered only once a year and has an application deadline. Testing sites for paper and pencil exam are more limited than the online method.

Test Day


Cheông chồng Out"s CCHT Flashcards

On the day of your exam, you will need your photo ID. You will have sầu your picture taken and you will sign the register for the exam. Your photo lớn ID will be delivered lớn you after you complete the exam. You are allowed nothing in the testing room – pen, pencil, cell phone or any other object. It is strongly recommended that you leave sầu all personal items at trang chủ or locked in your oto.

Preparing for the CCHT Examination

You’ve spent a great khuyến mãi of time learning và applying the skills necessary to lớn become a Certified Clinical Hemodialysis Technician & now it’s time khổng lồ put that knowledge lớn the chạy thử You want to lớn make sure you’re prepared for the exam và able khổng lồ pass on the first attempt.

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CCHT Study Guide Academy is a completely không lấy phí CCHT certification resource provided by Test Preparation. If you find benefit from our efforts here, check out our premium chất lượng CCHT Exam Secrets Study Guide to lớn take your studying to the next màn chơi. Just click the CCHT study guide liên kết below. Your purchase also helps us make even more great, không tính phí nội dung for test-takers.

Upgrade your studying with our CCHT study guide, online course, and flashcards: CCHT Study Guide CCHT Online Course CCHT Flashcards

CCHT Study Guide Customer Success Stories

Our customers love sầu the tutorial videos from Academy that we have sầu incorporated into our CCHT study guide. The CCHT study guide Review below are examples of customer experiences.

The thing that"s best in this study book is the way it was presented. There is an explanation in every aspect of hemodialysis, the terminology given as defined in the school plus the practice chạy thử that will guide me on my exams.

CCHT Study Guide – Mario

It is really good for CCHT exam, because everything in detailed in this study guide & easy to understvà. I am so happy lớn get this book. The practice questions make more improvement for the exam.

CCHT Study Guide – Mathew

The nội dung of book is really good. It’s more easier for me to lớn underst& each topic bec. It has been highlighted the important key words.

CCHT Study Guide – Katherine

The layout of this book makes it way to lớn follow và the topics covered focus on what I really need to lớn know for passing the exam.

CCHT Study Guide – Ann

Well worth it! Easy khổng lồ use and straight to lớn the point! I highly recommover it lớn anyone who wants to pass the exam!

CCHT Study Guide – Gary

The information is really great. The repetition really helps me rethành viên the overwhelming amount of information I have khổng lồ rethành viên. Thanks, I think I will be able to ace the exam when it comes time khổng lồ take it.

CCHT Study Guide – Mitchell

This book has some great information. Will be a great help on my test!

CCHT Study Guide – Customer

This hàng hóa has help me a lot, is very simple to lớn understand and practice. I would recommover anyone lớn use this product. I’m a very busy person và in my không lấy phí time I get to lớn study and it doesn’t take me long lớn get it right because of the way the have the information and questions.

CCHT Study Guide – Customer

Taking a test that empowers you be a part of someone’s continued healthcare can be intimidating, but not when you have these exam secrets. This CCHT Exam Reviews gets khổng lồ the nitty-gritty by helping you see what will be covered on the exam exactly. In that way you know what to study & what is important lớn receive your CCHT Certification. The guide takes you inside of the Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission (NNCC) & gives you the specifics on how they want you lớn handle technical area, environment và role. What is a reviews without a practice test? The CCHT Exam đánh giá provides a comprehensive practice demo, which includes the answers và explanation lớn those answers. An outside links is offered as bonus material for additional study resources. Along with all the great resources, this guide includes five secrets to lớn success in acing the exam. These include learning to pace yourself, testing what you know against what you have sầu learned, using guessing as a technique, not a last resort, và benchmarking your progress through the exam. These strategies are beneficial because you can apply them lớn any testing situation. As you explore these strategies, you learn lớn apply them khổng lồ your test-taking needs và help solidify your CCHT Certification.

CCHT Study Guide – Customer

I love sầu that it has test-taking tips, how khổng lồ study, the theory divided up into sections, the test, & the answer key WITH reasons as to lớn why it is that answer. My CCHT’s have sầu struggled with the Studying portion of the CCHT exam thus making them incredibly nervous when they go in to take it. They have all done very well with the kiểm tra but I have sầu been trying lớn find something to help ease that demo anxiety feeling for them. This book is PERFECT!!

CCHT Study Guide – JenniferCCHT Study Guide – Ogis

I had very little confidence to lớn write the hemodialysis certification examination until I bought this book for quichồng revision. I realize now that if I had this book earlier I would have sầu known & grown more confident because this book"s presentation of the topics are so concise & on point.