GIF Movie Gear supports creating animations on the computer, along with the necessary settings for the animation.

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To create animations, users have sầu a lot of other options such as creating animations from YouTube videos, creating animations on Photoshop from still images . Currently there are many animation software or online applications that support You create GIF images like GIF Movie Gear for example.

The software brings you a simple, intuitive sầu animation creation interface, easy to manipulate with many image frames. All customizations for animations are fully provided by the software. Especially you can import, or export images lớn many different formats. The following article will guide you how lớn use GIF Movie Gear khổng lồ create animations.

Instructions for creating animations on GIF Movie Gear

Step 1:

Please tải về the software by following the links below & proceed with the installation as usual. installation is complete we clichồng Insert Frame s lớn select the image to size an animation.


Step 2:

Display the main interface khổng lồ set animation. To traông xã all uploaded photos we will use the zoom in and zoom out tools to lớn zoom in and out of the interface, which helps to lớn view images more closely when needed.

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Uploaded photos can be moved khổng lồ change the location of the image after making it into an animation.


Step 3:

When clicking on an image we have sầu image changing tools lượt thích Crop, Rekích thước, Rotate . for each image. Cliông xã Frame, then select the content you want to lớn make.


Step 4:

To adjust the animation before exporting completely, we click the Animation tab to display many different options. Such as Reduce Colors to lớn reduce image color, Optimize to optimize images, Thin (Reduce Frame Count) reduce the number of frames .


Step 5:

If you want to adjust the motion speed in the image , cliông chồng Timing . A display interface for users lớn enter the tốc độ of conversion between frames in the animation in All frame delays . Then click the xanh arrow khổng lồ apply . Finally, cliông xã the Save icon khổng lồ save sầu the animation lớn your computer.