A quichồng google tìm kiếm tells us that a gap is a space or interval; a break in continuity. It can also mean to lớn be a difference. Here is a post that addresses what moe is. If I were lớn describe it myself, it is the feeling you get when you see someone/something so dễ thương you just want lớn hug them & take them home.

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Combining the two, gap moe is that irresistible feeling you get when there is a difference in the way someone/something acts and/or looks. When that character acts/looks out of character.

This article gives a more technical definition:

described as "a contradiction in exhibited characteristics that people find cutely attractive"

Further supported by this article:(Found this link on Henry Zhang"s post. Thanks dude!)

refer khổng lồ a contradiction in exhibited characteristics that people find cutely attactive sầu in the opposite sex

Here is a discussion on Myinfobandarpkr.comList supporting this definition:

is when a character does something completely contradictory to lớn what their usual habits/personality/character/appearence dictates.

infobandarpkr.comSukiUser saidYup, for the gap effect to work, you have sầu khổng lồ see the person in a completely different light that you never expect.

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Pictures speak louder than words. So here are a few examples:


This is Tohsaka Rin from the Fate series, and a tsundere. Tsunderes are probably the most comtháng example of gap moe. To put it simply, tsunderes are characters who act all tsun around the one they love sầu. Then they suddenly act all dere. If you feel moe when a tsundere starts acting all deredere, THAT is gap moe.

Speaking of tsunderes...


In Love Live!, Nishikino Maki is probably the most mature among mỏi the first years. However, she still believes in Santa! That gap between being mature & believing in something a child (& child at heart) would only believe, if you feel moe about that, THAT is gap moe.

The linked discussion gives a few more examples:

A tomboys cá tính showing off feministic characteristics (Ex: Tsugumi from Nisekoi)A tough guy who is actually a pacifist (Ex: Cromartie High School)A stubborn perfectionist who finally admits defeat (Ex: Sasuke from Naruto)A character that almost always dresses flashy but decides to lớn dress normal (Kuroneko from Oreimo)

So tldr; Gap moe is that moe feeling you experience when a character acts and/or looks in a way that contradicts the way they usually vị.