About one-third of the infobandarpkr.com's referees are unable to work because of COVID-related or injury issues.

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Clare Aubry is 1 of 3 G League officials stepping in to Gọi infobandarpkr.com games.

The virut outbreak hasn’t just sent infobandarpkr.com teams looking for help from the G League. The infobandarpkr.com refereeing corps has had lớn vị the same.

A trio of G League officials — Tyler Mirkovich, Clare Aubry và Pat O’Connell — were assigned games on Friday, the infobandarpkr.com debuts for all three. It was the first time that the infobandarpkr.com had lớn Hotline up G League officials khổng lồ work games this season.

Mirkovich was assigned Phoenix at Boston, Aubry got Atlanta at Cleveland và O’Connell was picked for Thành Phố New York at Oklahoma City.

“I think the whole league is in a concerned place,” said Monty McCutchen, the former official who is now an infobandarpkr.com executive sầu overseeing all referee matters. “We want our league lớn be healthy and we want the players lớn feel safe và healthy. We want coaches and staffs to feel health & safety is a priority and the same is true for referees.”

None of the three G League refs called up Friday has even worked an infobandarpkr.com preseason game. But with about one-third of the league’s referees unable khổng lồ work right now, mostly because of coronavirus-related reasons và a few because of injury, the infobandarpkr.com had no choice but to seek help.

“We have some people out with health và safety protocols. That’s no secret,” McCutchen said. “And we’re using some people from the G League that we have sầu a lot of confidence in that can give sầu us this temporary coverage that we’re in need of.”


Referee Tyler Mirkovich, a former G League official, was called up to work the Suns-Celtics game Friday.

The infobandarpkr.com began Friday with about 1đôi mươi players in various stages of the protocols. Also sidelined entering Friday: seven head coaches và dozens of other staffers, including assistant coaches, athletic trainers, truyền thông relations staff và more.

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About 100 players from the G League have sầu been signed to lớn infobandarpkr.com đơn hàng in recent weeks as teams have sầu needed khổng lồ fill rosters because of all the virus-related problems. Players và coaches around the league have sầu applauded those players getting their chances.

“It’s hard khổng lồ get here. This is hard,” Washington guard Bradley Beal said. “I think a lot of people have it kind of misconstrued. They think a lot of stuff that we bởi is easy, they think getting to lớn the league is easy. It is not, man. And then you have so many guys in the G who are deserving of being up here. These guys actually deserve spots và a lot of them just don’t have that opportunity. A lot of guys are fortunate to be able lớn have opportunities & a lot of them are taking advantage of it.”

It’s unclear if the G League officiating help will continue after Friday. There were 10 games scheduled for Friday, meaning 30 referees needed lớn be slotted for those games — excluding the four others picked khổng lồ work in the infobandarpkr.com’s trả lời center.

The daily schedule gets a bit lighter over the next couple days: Six games are scheduled for Saturday, seven on Sunday. There isn’t a 10-game slate again until Monday, và it is possible that some in the protocols may be able khổng lồ work again by then.


Pat O’Connell is working the Knicks vs. Thunder game on Friday.

“I vì think it’s a short-term need,” McCutchen said. “We, lượt thích everyone else, are living in real time & making real-time decisions that serve the league. Referees’ job is to lớn serve sầu the league và as a management team our job is to serve the league at the highest level that we can at any given moment given the circumstances.”

McCutchen said he had no doubt that the G League callup referees were ready. Over the last four years, the infobandarpkr.com has started training all referees — infobandarpkr.com, G League, Winfobandarpkr.com and now the Basketball Africa League — the same way, to lớn the same standards.

“I have sầu the belief that if we need to lean on them, they will perform well,” McCutchen said.

Aubry is now the 14th female referee assigned to lớn work an infobandarpkr.com regular-season game. The league has six full-time women’s referees this season & four others designated as non-staff.

Aubry is a men’s basketball official in the Atlantic Coast Conference as well, making what was believed to be history in mid-November as the first woman khổng lồ officiate a Georgia Tech men’s basketball game when the Yellow Jackets played Lamar.

“I thought she did a great job,” Georgia Tech coach Josh Pastner said after that game. “She’s a big-time official. She’s officiates in the G League và she’s going khổng lồ be in the infobandarpkr.com. We’re lucky that the ACC’s able to lớn have big-time officials and she’s one of them. She’s a high-cấp độ official.”