Alicia came to lớn FRESH New London with a background in Community Organizing. She worked for two years as our Farm to lớn School Coordinator before coming inkhổng lồ leadership as the Executive sầu Director. As Executive Director, Alicia is responsible for every aspect of FRESH– from the big grants lớn the tiny worms. She wished she could get into the urban farm work more often but enjoys the work of connecting families, community partners, và civic groups, to lớn build momentum for food system change.

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Julie Garay

Senior Program Manager

Born in Puerkhổng lồ Riteo and raised in New London from the age of 3, my heart belongs lớn this small thành phố. I started at FRESH during my freshman year of high school as a Crew membervà worked my way up lớn Assistant Farmer,then Youth Organizer,và nowSenior Program Manager. Bysupporting the voices ofyouthand helping lớn grow the food put on families’ dinner tables,I am proud khổng lồ say I am a part of growing (pun intended) a better, more sustainable future for New London.


Chloë Nuñez, originally from the Bronx, NYC, left the Department of Education lớn pursue her passions in community agriculture, herbalism, & youth empowerment. As the new Food Justice Educator, she is committed to lớn facilitating spaces of wellness and learning for the young people of New London.


I started thinking critically about our food system after eating a lot of Doritos in high school. Upon graduating, I started lớn question what we eat & why which led me khổng lồ intern on a number of farms where I learned different farming styles along with the basics of ecosystem functions. Having grown an understanding that operating without appropriate resources is extremely difficult, I started khổng lồ notice parallels between our agricultural systems and societal inequities. Farming on a local, culturally relevant scale is one of the most radical calls khổng lồ action because, through farming, we see the interconnectedness of people, culture, & ecosystems. Through this connected knowledge, we gain power và create opportunities for change. I can’t think of a better way khổng lồ spkết thúc my time và energy.

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Chloe Murphy

Food Justice Educator

Chloe is a New London resident & a passionate community thành viên. Her love sầu for farming và food justice stems from her multicultural background as a Blaông xã, Filipina, Chamorro woman and the histories of food, lvà, & education that come with that lineage. She is majoring in Africana Studies & minoring in Sustainable Community Food Systems at the University of Connecticut. Her years at FRESH, most recently as the food justice educator, have shown Chloe that her passions lie in youth empowerment, particularly via education. As such, upon completion of her undergraduate studies, Chloe will be receiving her Masters in Education lớn become a high school history teacher. She will continue to hold conversations with young people about the various interlocking, mutually reinforcing systems that suppress our communities as well as how we liberate ourselves from them!


Esther Pendola

Food To The People Coordinator

Esther Pendola comes to lớn FRESH from a background of social work, health equity, sprinkled with grassroots programming. She enjoys working with the community và creating genuineconnections to lớn what is important to lớn those who benefit.

Born in California to lớn parents who were avid gardeners, I’ve sầu spent my whole life with my hands in the soil! I settled here in New London 21 years ago, and have had the joy và privilege of homeschooling two amazing girls in this little city. I think that FRESH is one of the very best things about our town, and now more than ever, empowering our community và feeding our friends và neighbors are vitally important. As long as we continue to lớn work hard, look out for one another, and hold on lớn hope, I know that we will not only survive sầu, but thrive sầu.

Grace Amato

Social Media Coordinator

I first joined FRESH in 2019 as a summer intern, working on our multiple gardens, snaông xã beds, & the website. Now, I am working to lớn update our social truyền thông presence to keep everyone up to date with FRESH!

India Charles

Social Media Coordinator Assistant

India came khổng lồ Connecticut when she was 8 years old now she is 22. India likes to listen khổng lồ music and volunteer in her free time. She currently attending Three Rivers Community College & will be transferring khổng lồ Eastern Connecticut State University khổng lồ continue her degree in social work. India joined FRESH in the summer of năm 2016 as a crew thành viên and now assists the organization with social media.

Makeedomain authority is a part of FRESH as a Public Health & Health Equity Intern. Growing up in New London she has been a witness to lớn the ways the health & well-being of residents would improve sầu with anti racism work in schools, the food system, health care, and all around. She studies nutrition & hopes khổng lồ become a Dietitian Nutritionist. Her hobbies include listening to and writing music, podcasts, cooking, & reading.

As youth move sầu through our programs, they have sầu the opportunity khổng lồ work as Junior Staff. They guide our crew members throughgrowing food from seed lớn harvest, learning about food justice, analyzing thesystems of power and oppression in New London and building a family.