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Our analysis shows that the advantages of a free-flowing river connected khổng lồ its floodplain are not only biological, but also economic.
The juxtaposition of the prelude"s rather free-flowing, sometimes improvisatory music being followed by something quite rigorous, strict & disciplined gives an emotional polarity.
The emotional range of the music is very wide & the free-flowing structure makes this an unusually compelling work.
Siberian ginseng is a light brown, free-flowing powder that has a somewhat sweet flavour with bitter undertones.
He suffers from a literary culture that lacks curiosity, which no longer wants to know anything really new; above all anything that is open, free-flowing, unguarded.
One criticism that can be made of this part, in other ways very free-flowing & interesting, is that short biographies of the economists under discussion would have been very useful.
It increases atmospheric pollution whereas free-flowing traffic cuts down on emissions and saves fuel.
In congested conditions, with slow-moving or stop-start traffic, vehicle engines are significantly less fuel efficient than in free-flowing conditions.
Atmospheric pollution will be minimised by the transfer of many slow-moving vehicles from confined spaces to a free-flowing road.
It is a classic example of a gummed old vein being available instead of a free-flowing artery, as is required.
In fact, our motorways are the least dangerous of our roads, particularly when they are free-flowing.
A central lane is being inserted for right-turning vehicles leaving one free-flowing lane in each direction.

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The first hypothesis is the normal free-flowing condition, when the main need is to provide for the occasional breakdown.
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