A DMG tệp tin is a mountable disk image used to lớn distribute software to the macOS operating system. Mac users typically tải về the file from the Internet then double-cliông chồng it lớn install an application on their computer.

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DMG tệp tin open in macOS Big Sur (11.5.2)

The DMG format is one of several file types software developers utilize khổng lồ distribute macOS applications outside of Apple"s App Store. Other options include .APPhường files compressed in a .ZIPhường archive sầu or .PKG files.

DMG is a prevalent distribution format because it maintains the disk image"s integrity via checksums. When opening a DMG file to begin the installation process, the DiskImageMounter utility bundled with macOS verifies the checksum lớn ensure the disk image has not been modified or corrupted during the distribution. This process is valuable for developers and end-users khổng lồ make sure they install an untampered application.

NOTE: The DMG format replaced the .IMG file format previously used in Mac OS Classic.

How to open a DMG file

You can open a DMG tệp tin by double-clicking the file. After clicking the tệp tin, the DiskImageMounter utility bundled with macOS verifies the disk image"s integrity. After confirming the disk image, the utility mounts the virtual disk và places it on your desktop and in an Apple Finder window as if it was a CD or a USB flash drive sầu inserted inkhổng lồ the computer.

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You can double-cliông xã the program ibé (actually an APP.. file) in the Finder window lớn run the ứng dụng. Or, you can drag the program icon to the Applications thư mục ibé in that same window khổng lồ move it khổng lồ the Applications directory on your computer, then double-clichồng the app directly from the Applications directory to run it.

You no longer need the DMG tệp tin after installing the software stored in the DMG file. Therefore, you can delete the DMG tệp tin after installing the software.

How bởi I open a DMG tệp tin in Windows?

DMG files are Mac-specific và not intended for use in Windows. Therefore, if you tải về a DMG tệp tin from a trang web, check the site for a Windows version of the software (most likely distributed as an .EXE or .MSI file).

Although you cannot install software distributed via DMG files in Windows, several Windows applications can extract their contents, including 7-Zip và PeaZip. You can also attempt khổng lồ convert the DMG tệp tin to an .IMG file with the DMG2IMG utility.

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Programs that open DMG files

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