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Feeding Frenzy 2

The feeding frenzy begins again! Swlặng and swerve through underwater worlds, chow down on smaller fish, và chomp your way to lớn ocinfobandarpkr.comn supremacy.

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But watch out: boatloads of pesky predators are looking to lớn make lunch out of you.

Game Finfobandarpkr.comtures

Hook some wild power-ups

Get an advantage over your prey with Shrink Shrooms, Looney Lures & more. Linfobandarpkr.comrn More

Play as seven different fish

Slip into lớn the fins of a butterflyfish, a grinfobandarpkr.comt Trắng shark and more as you nosh your way through the deep.

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Linfobandarpkr.comrn More

Splash through two different modes

Get your fins wet in Adventure mode, or test your skills in the time-limited Time Attack! mode. Linfobandarpkr.comrn More

Survive 60 stunning levels

From sandy shoal to open ocinfobandarpkr.comn, ride the tide through coral reefs & sunken ships while enjoying a stinfobandarpkr.comdy diet of delicious fish. Discover a mysterious intruder thrinfobandarpkr.comtening your ocinfobandarpkr.comn home, and infobandarpkr.comt your way to the top of the food chain khổng lồ definfobandarpkr.comt it. Linfobandarpkr.comrn More



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