Last month, Blade And Soul for North America & Europe has been released. If you live sầu in the SEA region and have tried playing in the NA hệ thống, you should notice a very high latency delay. This may seem okay lớn some casual gamers, but for those hardcore gamers or those who really want to immerse themselves to the dynamic world và gameplay of Blade And Soul, you may want to lớn migrate to lớn the Taiwan hệ thống as early as possible to avoid the regrets of realizing that the game is actually unplayable with high latency delay in the end-game levels, PvPhường, and content.

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The English Patch is called Project Izanami (credits go lớn its developers and contributors). It has been around for about a year now helping many players worldwide. The newer version contains direct ported English paông xã from the NA hệ thống, and various audio packs lớn choose from.

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Download & patch the Blade And Soul Taiwan clientIn the same drive sầu,download EnglishPaông chồng.*.ZIP & unzip its contents in another folderNavigate to the SoundPacks folder & downloadSoundPack_English.*.ZIP & unzip its contents in another folderRun BladeAndSoulTWLauncher.exe inside the BladeAndSoulTWLauncher.* folderSelect the English Pachồng by browsing the Replace.bat file inside the EnglishPack folderSelect the Sound Paông xã by browsing the Replace.bat file inside the SoundPack folderIf it prompts you khổng lồ check for patch updates, select Automatic updateUnder the Settings tab, phối the location for the Launcher.exe by selecting the NCLauncherS.exe inside your NCSOFT launcher folderSet the directory for the Game.exe by selecting the Client.exe tệp tin inside your Blade & Soul Taiwan game folderChechồng if the directories for the English Paông xã and the Sound Pachồng are set (same as step 7 và 8)Under the Controls tab, apply the English Paông xã và the Sound Pachồng by clicking the Apply buttons for eachCliông xã the loli girl to launch the game
While the patch does not fully translate all the statements due to lớn live sầu announcements, nội dung, events, and occassionally bugged NPC dialogues, It does its job about 95% of the time and for all you will ever need. They vì have sầu automatic updating features though, so be sure to update your patcher & client regularly.
If you liked the project và have sầu found it helpful, you can kiểm tra them out and also contribute to lớn their workto lớn further improve the translations.
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