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If true, then similarity of body is a key factor in the extent to lớn which two parties can empathize with one another.
On another, và more intrinsically subjective interpretation, the speaker empathizes with the protagonist, reconstructing her mental processes.
In the distrust example, caregivers should emotionally connect to và empathize with anger, frustration, fearfulness, và other emotions that often ride with distrust.
All in all, we understand the emotion of others, & empathize with them, by invoking the very same neural activity associated with our own emotions.
Characters presented mainly in the third person will tover lớn seem "distant," hard to lớn empathize with.
In order to lớn identify và empathize with the experience of the cross, contemporary saints deliberately inflicted a variety of punishments on themselves.
Some statistics instructors, for example, become unable khổng lồ empathize with their students for whom the basic probability axioms are not transparent.
By deliberating và discussing people improve their negotiating & bargaining skills, và they can begin to understand and empathize with others" viewpoints.
Although the audience"s engagement with the performance is largely cerebral, each listener empathizes with the physical stresses of the conductor"s dance.
It is feasible that more distance is created, along with a diminished ability to empathize with the plight of the patient.

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