So when you have sầu a computer problem, the first thing you should do is check to see if your drivers are up to lớn date. And if they’re not, update them.

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About us

We’re proud to say more than 3 million people around the world use Driver Easy. That’s a lot of fixed computers!


We make updating your drivers easy

Our software, Driver Easy, makes updating your Windows drivers easy.

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The FREE version downloads all the drivers you need, so you can manually install them. The PRO version automatically installs them all for you.

Audio Devices
Graphic Cards
Network / Ethernet Cards


I rarely write Reviews, but I wanted khổng lồ thank you for fixing my máy vi tính. My laptop was recently updated with Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Build update (1709). That update broke my HDXiaoMI port và with it, my dual monitor support. I NEED two external monitors for my line of work, & I was dead in the water. Your easy lớn use interface, simple install/update procedure, and efficent process updated 30 missing/outdated drivers và had me up & running in an hour (500 MB of downloads.) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Thanks again for creating an awesome product. I will certainly recommend you to friends và colleagues for sure!

Steffen Buchner

I’m a computer scientist and have been searching 5 hours for a legay ATI driver. I tried everything and also some competing products. No one could help me, but with your sản phẩm I found the driver instantly!

Thank you!


You have sầu no idea how grateful I am for your hàng hóa. I am 70 and I love sầu my computer. I am in the country with no vehicle and I spover hours every day on my computer. I got the blue screen of death which made my computer crash every time it was on. I found your product và It worked. I am no longer depressed. Thank you so much!!!!!

* All testimonials are from the Driver Easy tư vấn mailbox. These customers said we could use them.

Detects all missing, outdated & mismatched drivers 1 clichồng to lớn download & install all drivers Can download drivers one at a time Can install drivers one at a time Drivers must be installed manually in Windows All drivers certified, & direct from manufacturer View detailed hardware info with embed CPU-Z No internet? – Scan offline then tải về the right network driver on another PC Driver download tốc độ (approx) * 40KB – 80KB per second 500KB – 20MB per second 500KB – 20MB per second Auto restore point Aukhổng lồ system backup Roll bachồng lớn previous version of drivers Free PC tech support Commercial use Automatic update to lakiểm tra Driver Easy version