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Visio isn"t included in the Office suite, but is sold as a stand-alone application. If you don"t have Visio you can buy or try it now.

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Buy or try Visio

Select how you want lớn get Visio

Only some versions of Visio include the desktop ứng dụng.

If you have Visio Plan 2 or a non-subscription version such as Visio Professional or Visio Standard 2019, 2016, or 2013 you can install & use the desktop ứng dụng.

Tip: If you"re using Visio at work or school và not sure if you have sầu a Visio Plan 1 or Visio Plan 2 license, see What 365 business sản phẩm or license bởi vì I have?

Install Visio

The steps below describe how to lớn install the desktop ứng dụng included with Visio Plan 2, và non-subscription versions of Visio Professional or Visio Standard 2019, 2016, or 2013. If you have Visio Plan 1 see the steps under the tab Visio for the web.

Step 1: Associate Visio with your account

To install Visio a license needs lớn be associated with your trương mục or work or school account. Which trương mục you use depends which version of Visio you have sầu. 

Visio Professional (or Standard)  Non-subscription version

Redeem a hàng hóa key Didn"t get one?

If your product key is already linked to your Account, skip khổng lồ Step 2.

Once Visio is associated with your Account, you no longer need the hàng hóa key. It will always be linked khổng lồ your account and you can re-tải về the phầm mềm or manage your license from

Visio Plan 2  Subscription version

Your work or school account should already have sầu an assigned license for Visio Plan 2. Go on lớn Step 2.

If you"re unable lớn complete Step 2, liên hệ your IT admin to get a Visio Plan 2 license assigned to lớn you.

Note: If you"re the 365 admin responsible for assigning licenses, see Assign licenses to lớn users and the Deployment guide for Visio.

Step 2: Sign in khổng lồ download Visio

Before you begin Make sure your PC meets the system requirements. 

The tài khoản you sign in with depends which version of Visio you have sầu. Follow the steps for your version.

Visio Professional (or Standard)  Non-subscription versions

From the Office home page select Install Office.


In the portal, select Services và subscriptions from the header.

Visio Plan 2  Subscription version

From My Account, select Apps và devices

Visio should now begin downloading. Follow the prompts in Step 3: Install Visio lớn complete the installation.

Step 3: Install Visio

Depending on your browser, select Run (in Edge or Internet Explorer), Setup (in Chrome), or Save File (in Firefox).

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If you see the User Account Control prompt that says, Do you want to allow this ứng dụng lớn make changes to lớn your device? select Yes.

The install begins.


Your install is finished when you see the phrase, "You"re all set! Visio is installed now" & an animation plays to show you where khổng lồ find the Visio app on your computer.

Follow the instructions in the window to lớn find Visio, for example depending on your version of Windows, select Start & then scroll to lớn find Visio from your các mục of apps.


FAQ for installing Visio

Select one of the issues below to lớn exp& it. If your issue isn"t listed, please leave sầu us feedback at the bottom of this article and describe the problem you"re having.

I don"t have sầu a product key for my one-time purchase of Visio

If you got Visio Professional or Standard through one of the following, you may not have sầu a hàng hóa key or associated trương mục. See these steps instead lớn install your version of Visio.

Volume license versions: IT departments often use different methods to install volume license editions of Visio in their organizations. Talk to your IT department for help.

I don"t see an option khổng lồ install Visio

If you don"t see an option to lớn install Visio or if you selected Install Office from the trang chủ page và Office begins khổng lồ download immediately, cancel that installation and bởi the following. 

From select Install Office và make sure khổng lồ select the links Other install options.


From the My Account page, select Apps và devices.

Access Visio for the web

Both Visio Plan 1 và Visio Plan 2 can access Visio for the website. However, with Visio Plan 1 this is the only way you can access Visio since the desktop app isn"t included with Visio Plan 1.

To access Visio for the web, bởi the following.

If prompted, sign in with your work or school trương mục.

To learn more about this version of Visio, see Overview of Visio for the web.

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