In order to lớn market your electrical / electronic products in Europe you need to compose a :

Declaration of Conformity

The DoC is where you make the required statement of conformity of your hàng hóa with all applicable EC directives. It is the manufacturer that issues the DoC for its sản phẩm, not your test agency or notified body toàn thân. The DoC is a liability statement, và must be founded on solid proof of compliance, such as a conformity certificate / thử nghiệm report from a kiểm tra agency, such as a kiểm tra report issued by ce-kiểm tra.quý khách hàng vẫn xem: Declaration of conformity là gì

Conformity khổng lồ what ?

For most electrical và electronic equipment you need compliance with the EMC directive sầu 2014/30/EC, implying a EMC demo suite to lớn be carried out with a positive sầu result. In case of mains supplied equipment you will also be subject to assessment lớn the LV Directive sầu 2014/35/EC, which is also true for all radio equipment, regardless their supply. Most equipment also need compliance khổng lồ ROHS II

The Declaration of Conformity, or in short DoC is the final step in the EC approval assessment.Ifyou want to read more, read our tutorial on EC market access.

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The Declaration of Conformity should be available to the authorities at the point of entry on the European Market. This means that it should (also) be signed by your European representative sầu if your company resides outside the EC. It"s main purpose is to show proof of liability for compliance with EC regulations involved lớn the authorities & lớn customs.

Contents of a DoC

The DoC should contain all the necessary information khổng lồ determine:

who you are,

what hàng hóa it refers khổng lồ (possibly including serial numbers of batch ID),what directives are involved , what standards are applicable (including version/date and title), where test results (proof of compliance) can be found,who is responsible person in your company,date of issue,a picture if needed to identify the hàng hóa.

When will a DoC be needed / useful ?

Legally the DoC need khổng lồ be made up and be available upon the first sale of your hàng hóa. In practice a DoC will principally be used by customs upon entry of shipments on EC soil. In addition the authorities (market surveillance) will address the manufacturer & importer to lớn produce a DoC in case of accidents, or interference problems. If you manufacture OEM products, a DoC may facilitate acceptance of your products by your customers.

Assessment of DoC validity

Assess the validity of your ( or any) Declaration of Conformity

Purchase a template DoC for EMC, LVD and ROHS

You may write such a declaration yourself, và ask your legal advisor to bình luận..... Or ask hyên to lớn write it for you .... imagine the bill he is going to lớn sover you !

Get an example right now and be sure to lớn use a guaranteed compliant document. Don"t let European authorities and/or customs catch you using a non-clear statement. Don"t let customs hold on your export batch for a day, a week, or even longer because you forgot a simple phrase.

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Our EC Declaration of Conformity example can be ordered as:

Article order

a PDF version that can be printed và filled in on a blank (Letter or A4)

a macro enabled Word document allowing for batch production of DoC from a text database,

a macro enabled Word document with your letterhead customized on it.

All necessary fields are left open for you to lớn fill in, & the form comes included with a description of the exact data khổng lồ fill in. We"ve even added an example khung for you so you can get your first EC-Declaration of Conformity within 15 minutes !

Version năm 2016

The new EMCD và LVD (& soon RED) made it necessary to update our template DoC. If you order in năm nhâm thìn and 2017 you are entitled to a không lấy phí upgrade once the RED directive sầu is mandatory.

For the DoC on your letterhead, we will need to receive a Word document, containing your letterhead. You may sent this to lớn us using the mail liên hệ button on the top/left, or wait for us khổng lồ contact you. Mention our order number will help us creating the right document for you.