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a financial organization that is owned & controlled by its members, who can borrow at low interest rates from the money they have saved as a group:
To take out a loan, a customer must first be a thành viên of the credit union by opening a savings account with a minimal balance.
Has there been any distinction between that income when distributed khổng lồ members và the internal profits of a credit union?
But if a credit union is not eligible for registration, or if it is de-registered, the point may become somewhat adễ thương.
We are told that the profits of a registered credit union are not khổng lồ be sub- ject to lớn corporation tax or income tax.
Membership of a credit union could enable such people lớn keep a line open khổng lồ cheap credit facilities.
These will be significant in some areas, such as removing the requirement for a credit union to lớn demonstrate the existence of a comtháng bond.
It is good that we have already heard one of the answers to the problems: the growth of the credit union movement.
Moreover, community groups are debarred from using the local community credit union to lớn deposit funds.
Does she agree, however, that the term "credit union" is itself problematic, because for many people it implies getting inlớn debt?
One of the report"s recommendations is the establishment of a new central services organisation khổng lồ assist the growth of the credit union movement.
I believe sầu that, when the consultation has finished, there will be good news for my colleagues in the credit union movement.

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Moreover, such an organisation could make arrangements with the banks khổng lồ ensure a lender of last resort for the credit union.
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