VideoStudio 20trăng tròn is our lathử nghiệm version & it’s better than ever!

VideoStudio X9 was a complete package for đoạn Clip editing. And, you will be happy lớn know that our lademo edition of VideoStudio has even better features. Time remapping, Traông xã transparency, 360° đoạn phim tư vấn are some of the top features among mỏi many that make it our best ever production so far.

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The top reasons to lớn switch from VideoStudio X9

NEW Highlight Reel Movie Maker ENHANCED Painting Creator ENHANCED User Interface NEW Animated Overlays NEW Title and Graphics NEW Support for 4K Monitors NEW Sound Effects NEW Trim/Edit Tools



Get started quickly with our wide selection of tutorials in the Discovery Center. Master the basics or explore new tools và dive sầu deeper into lớn Clip editing!


Video Editing Guides

In-depth written tutorials help you understvà key video editing concepts.


Search Help

Access how-to information on features, learn the basics and much more. The quickest, easiest way khổng lồ browse the user guide.


User Forum

Connect with other users to lớn get advice, swap tips & techniques và discuss VideoStudio.


User Guide

A complete PDF guide to all the information you need lớn get started in VideoStudio.

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Find frequently asked questions và answers about VideoStudio in the Knowledgebase.


Studio Backlot*

From our friends at Studio Backlot, access their library of tutorials và creative nội dung.

* Content is available only in English. Subtitles are available on select training videos. Studio Backlot offers training in English and French.

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