To convert your đoạn Clip lớn MP3 online, just add your tệp tin to lớn the service size. You can also use a desktop truyền thông converter from

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Cheông chồng out the desktop app


Converting between different video formats is something many conversion software packages can handle. However, sometimes you may need a video clip converter khổng lồ extract just the music from a video file.

Want lớn save sầu the music from a movie?

If you can’t find a tuy nhiên from a movie that you liked, you can upload the movie tệp tin lớn a không lấy phí video-to-MP3 converter, extract the music, & save it as an MP3 file.

Want lớn save sầu a concert or a lecture just as an audio file?

Sometimes, you may need the audio from a đoạn phim file. With Video Converter, you can convert videos to MP3 and transfer them lớn your phone or MP3 player.


Want khổng lồ turn a cartoon or movie into lớn an audio play?

If you’re taking a child on a trip, saving their favorite show in MP3 may be enough khổng lồ keep them entertained. You can vì that with the video-to-MP3 converter.

This fast, easy-to-use software supports more than 180 formats, so you can go beyond đoạn Clip conversion to MP3 and other audio formats. You can also convert files lớn WMV, AVI, DVD, and many more video clip formats with high-unique results. Video Converter lets you not only change the file format but also cut out parts of a đoạn phim to convert only the elements you want, rekích cỡ & enhance films, clips, or any other kind of Clip.

Download this video-to-MP3 conversion program for Windows or Mac right now và find out how khổng lồ convert a Clip to MP3 in four simple steps.

Install the MP3 Video Converter

Get the video-to-MP3 converter download & install the program on your PC or Mac.

Launch the đoạn Clip converter lớn have MP3 files created from your videos. Cliông xã the Add Media button in the upper-left corner và then Add Video. Choose one or more files that you want to convert from video clip khổng lồ MP3.

Click the Audio tab & open the MP3 group. You will see a number of presets with different bitrate parameters. You can either choose the MP3 - Original bitrate preset, which copies all the parameters from the original, or a different bitrate, which will impact the output audio quality. Bear in mind that, the higher the bitrate và chất lượng, the larger the resulting tệp tin will be. You can also save extracted soundtracks & songs to lớn other popular audio formats, such as OGG, WAV, FLAC, và more.

Choose the thư mục where you want to lớn save the converted files by clicking the Save sầu to button. Then, hit Convert khổng lồ convert the video clip tệp tin to lớn MP3. The process can take from one to lớn several minutes, depending on the file form size và the number of files being converted. Rethành viên that you can change your large videos lớn MP3 just as easily.

When the conversion of your videos khổng lồ MP3 is complete, the extracted audio will be saved, & the thư mục with the saved MP3 files will open automatically.

That’s all there is lớn it! Now you can turn videos inlớn MP3 files or change any other media format in just a couple of clicks!

How to Convert YouTube Videos khổng lồ MP3 Files

Another option is to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files with any popular application. Oft-recommended conversion tools include the following:

YouTubetoMP3MP3Skull4K Video DownloaderYtMp3Y2mateAny Video ConverterFreemake Video Converter

You should bear in mind that choosing the best YouTube-to-MP3 converter depends on your goals và technical capabilities. Online converters are usually better for single file conversions. In the case of multiple large files, consider downloading a dedicated desktop application. Those are faster and more reliable. The choice is yours.

Try the Mac version of Video Converter. A không tính phí desktop alternative is the VLC media player, which is also available for macOS & good for converting đoạn Clip to lớn MP3. If you don’t want to lớn install any software, you can use a video-to-MP3 converter online service – but keep in mind that most online apps have sầu restrictions on the number and kích thước of files for conversion. Video Converter for Windows or Mac can quickly change video clip khổng lồ MP3 in bulk. Another desktop program that can convert multiple files is the VLC media player. Choose whichever you prefer.

Download Video Converter for Windows

Download Video Converter for Mac

Download the appropriate version of the VLC media player

You need to lớn tải về any desktop video-to-MP3 conversion software as it doesn’t require an Internet connection. Try Video Converter for Windows or Mac. It’s easy lớn use, fast, và reliable.

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All you need to lớn vị is follow these four steps.

1. Download và run the appropriate version of the program.

Download Video Converter for Windows

Download Video Converter for Mac

2. Drag and drop your đoạn phim tệp tin into the phầm mềm window.

3. Cliông xã the Audio tab, select the MP3 preset group, và then choose the appropriate MP3 prephối from the danh sách.

4. Hit the Convert button to launch the conversion process. Your MP3 tệp tin will be ready in a matter of minutes.

You can vì chưng it either online or offline. Using a không tính phí online video-to-MP3 converter is a decent option, but it usually has a number of restrictions in terms of size and quantity of files that you can upload. Such online services include Zamzar,, Convertio,, & many others. Alternatively, you can download a desktop video-to-MP3 converter that’s không tính phí – like the VLC truyền thông media player.

To convert a đoạn Clip to lớn MP3 with VLC, follow the steps below.

1. Install và launch the program.

Download VLC

2. Choose Media > Convert / Save.

3. CLichồng Add và browse for the video file you want khổng lồ turn into MP3.

4. Cliông chồng Convert / Save below.

5. In another dialog box, select Convert và then choose Audio – MP3 from the Profile menu.

6. Type a name for your MP3 file và hit Start. The conversion will be completed in a few minutes.