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They conclude that self-management strategies contribute khổng lồ an increase in learners" self- & contextual knowledge which can assist in reducing anxiety.
The opposite direction of this implication, that is, the completeness of the logical relations with respect to contextual equivalence remains future work.
In this rapprochement of the (selectively) universal & the (extended) local, the study of scientific styles may help save sầu contextual historiography from its own success.
The cumulative sầu contextual risk variables were moderately intercorrelated, suggesting that the domains of risk tended to co-occur.
We next hypothesize that individual or classroom cấp độ of poverty will not explain this classroom aggression contextual effect.
This ensures that the different entities that use context have the same semantic understanding of contextual information.
Specifically, resiliency is thought to lớn entail thoughtful, deliberate control of behavior in response to lớn changing contextual demands.
The same treatment in the second context is enhancement, because it builds on, by the relevant contextual standards, a foundation of normalcy.
It is against this imposed hegemony (often criticised as White & imperialistic) that contextual theology arose as a contested discipline.
The importance of the structuration theory for contextual archaeology is another example of the way in which our discipline can profit from such exercises.
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the first person to lớn bởi something or go somewhere, who shows that it is also possible for other people

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