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Bài Viết: Conflict là gì

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conflict /”kɔnflikt/ danh từ sự xung thốt nhiên, sự không nhường nhịn, sự va chạmto be in conflict with someone: xung đột nhiên cùng với ai cuộc xung đột sự trái lập, sự mâu thuẫn nội cồn từ xung tự dưng, va chạm đối lập, chống lại, mâu thuẫn, trái vớithe interests of capital conflict with those of labour: quyền lợi và nghĩa vụ của tư phiên bản xích míc cùng với quyền lợi và nghĩa vụ của công nhânsự va chạmsự xung độtbus conflict: sự xung đột buscache conflict: sự xung bất chợt cachexung độtbus conflict: sự xung chợt buscache conflict: sự xung bất chợt cacheconflict information: báo cáo xung độtconflict point: điểm xung độtconflict resolution: sự giải quyết xung độtconflict resolution flag: cờ phân giải xung độtLĩnh vực: y họcsự mâu thuẫnbus conflictkhiển viên busconflict (vs)xung độtconflict pointđiểm giao nhauconflict pointđiểm va chạmconflict resolutionbiện pháp giải quyết va chạm


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Từ điển Collocation

conflict noun

1 fight/argument

ADJ. big, great, major | bitter, serious, violent | growing, increasing | constant, continued, continuing, unresolved He is in constant conflict with the authorities. | open, overt | global, internal, regional | armed, military | civil, class, cultural, ethnic, family, industrial, political, social, religious

VERB + CONFLICT bring sb/sth inlớn, cause, come into, create, lead to, provoke His work brought hyên ổn into lớn conflict with more conventional scientists. The decision led to lớn a bitter conflict between the management và unions. | avert, avoid, prsự kiện They hid their feelings to lớn avoid conflict. | handle | end, resolve, settle, solve sầu The United Nations are hoping to lớn resolve sầu the conflict quickly.

CONFLICT + VERB arise (from sth), occur The conflict arose from different ambitions within the team.

PREP.. during/in a/the ~ Thousands have been arrested in violent ethnic conflicts in the region. | in ~ They found themselves in conflict over the future of the firm. | in ~ with in conflict with management | ~ about/over a conflict over ownership of the lvà | ~ between conflicts between different ethnic groups | ~ with to lớn kết thúc the conflict with France | ~ within serious conflicts within the ruling buổi tiệc ngọt

PHRASES an area/a source of conflict, in direct conflict with sb

2 difference between ideas/wishes, etc.

ADJ. fundamental, serious, sharp | direct | inherent the inherent conflict between the demands of farmers và wishes of environmentalists | inner | ideological

CONFLICT + NOUN situation | management, resolution the key to successful conflict management

PREP. in ~ with in direct conflict with his wishes | ~ between the conflict between science cùng religion | ~ of a serious conflict of opinion

PHRASES a conflict of interests/loyalties

Từ điển WordNet


opposition between two simultaneous but incompatible feelings

he was immobilized by conflict cùng indecision

a state of opposition between persons or ideas or interests

his conflict of interest made hyên ổn ineligible for the post

a conflict of loyalties

an incompatibility of dates or events

he noticed a conflict in the dates of the two meetings

opposition in a work of drama or fiction between characters or forces (especially an opposition that motivates the development of the plot)

this size of conflict is essential to lớn Mann”s writing


be in conflict

The two proposals conflict!

English Synonym và Antonym Dictionary

conflicts|conflicted|conflictingsyn.: battle clash conthử nghiệm differ disagree fight oppose opposition struggle