A workforce that learns about the possibilities of the cloud,real-time interaction and programming is a workforce with anadvantage. It may seem daunting khổng lồ learn all of that, và itseems lượt thích a mountain too-high to climb, but like Marvin Gayetaught us, ain"t no mountain high enough.

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That"s what infobandarpkr.com is here to do: help your team learn touse digital tools while having fun.


infobandarpkr.com is an easy, fun way to learn how khổng lồ program andto strengthen relationships within a team. Why?


It’s easy because the language và environment are designedfor people that have no initial knowledge of programming,và because players get instant feedback: they see the effectsof the code they write immediately reflected on the screen.


It"s fun because your team learns by playing a game withco-workers, which is a great team building activity, & it"smuch more compelling than any 2-hour seminar, plus you canactually be sure people will learn something.

How lớn play

The game can be played in training mode, but was intendedkhổng lồ be played as a tournament with other players, whichfavors bonding và can be a healthy và positive way tohelp your workforce achieve short-term goals in a focused way. Tournaments last up khổng lồ 2 hours.

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infobandarpkr.com & learning

We’ve sầu learned over the years that the best way to lớn learn is to lớn feel safe enough khổng lồ make mistakes. When people feel safe, they can try things out, which leads to lớn better understanding, to finding new approaches, and to lớn our ultimate goal here:learning what works and why.infobandarpkr.com provides a safe environment in which people can learn how lớn code by actually coding khổng lồ solve sầu an actual problem (shooting down other spaceships!), but without the risks of trying things on business software: they’re just playing a game with colleagues.


Setup & Pricing

infobandarpkr.com doesn"t really demand much from you: each participant will need a computer and an internet connection. Oh, & a predisposition to lớn shoot everyone else"s ships! There’s an introductory và animated tutorial that takes anytoàn thân from zero khổng lồ being ready lớn play. As for the organizer, you only need lớn write to (force
infobandarpkr.com) with a date & choose the plan that better suits you. We’ll set everything up for you and guide you through the process.

You purchase this plan to challenge another department, another branch of your company, or another company altogether. This is the ultimate intra-(or inter)-corporate gaming challenge, & it"s one that you won"t regret signing up for. Liên hệ us khổng lồ learn about an onsite introduction lớn programming.