As promised, at 10:00 a.m. on April 28, 20trăng tròn, Tinc Thien Ha officially appeared on both Google Play and the App Store platforms, before entering the adventure of escaping, don’t forget to receive sầu the Code of Love sầu Thien Ha. you.

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Right after entering Tinch Thien Ha, players are allowed to lớn incarnate inlớn one of the 4 character classes including Muscular Inflammation, Si, Photo lớn LikesSword hero With its own skill system, each class uses completely different weapon equipment.

Thien Ha – Role-playing game on Mobile

Code Tinch Thien Ha

– TinhTHb28er9t8y5– TinhTHb2765a3c49– TinhTHb2765a2f6w– TinhTHb28e9d5q4g– TinhTHb28q6h5w2h

How to receive sầu Code Tinc Thien Ha

Event 1: Vote App– Reward: Code Tinc Thien Ha+ Wukong knit-sash x5+ God warrior tăng cấp knitting x5+ Upgraded war cavalry x5+ Duplicate ticket exp x5+ Tieu Phi Comedy x5– Link participating: Event 1

Event 2: Party list– Reward: Code Tinh Thien Ha– Link participating: Event 2

Event 3: Play for 3 days– Reward: Code Tinc Thien Ha Tri 20K Scoin– Link participating: Event 3

Event 4: Hard Fan Event– Reward: Code Tinc Thien Ha 1000KNB– Link participating: Event 4


Access the official trang web, Fanpage community & Game Group to lớn participate in the sự kiện lớn receive không lấy phí GiftCode Tinc Thien Ha with the value below.

– Access to Official Website here.– Access Fanpage here.

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– Access Group here

Instructions to enter GiftCode Tinh Thien Ha

Step 1: Go khổng lồ Code Tinc Thien Ha entry page with the liên kết here

Step 2: Login to your game tài khoản and select the vật phẩm Giftcode.

Step 3: Choose a game Love sầu Thien Ha =>figure & server want lớn use Code Tinc Thien Ha.

Step 4: Import Code Tinh Thien Ha in the box => select Change.


A thẻ strategy game hàng hóa has just been released in early 2020, a lot Code Idol Three Kingdoms for free that players can get. So what are you waiting for without quickly accepting it.

Link download game Tinch Thien Ha

Full convergence of the features of the role-playing sword game series, Tinch Thien Ha will surely satisfy fans who love the MMORPG genre, let’s prove sầu their strength right away by downloading & installing the liên kết. under.