So what is Soul Knight?

Soul Knight is a fantastic action pack game android game. The developer of this game has developed a small kích thước of the action-based game for your enjoyment. This game has more than 10 million of download. With hundreds of weapons and selectable characters, this game is quite enjoyable. This game will provide you with more Dungeons, then you could ever imagine. With a Shield, Armor, và Knight sword you will fill lượt thích invincible. Ha Ha Ha just kidding miss a spot and you will die & give sầu another try. Play this game for some time & you can feel the difficulty cấp độ of this game. This game is available for không lấy phí.

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Check out the dungeons, gear up your character with mind-blowing weapons, avoid enemy bullets kiss them on the butt with counter-attacks. It is good to lớn say that Soul Knight trò chơi is one of a kind. The gameplay will be totally arbitrary for one to lớn another. Every time you will enter this game you go into lớn a new area of the dungeon. Forget everything eliminates all creatures you discover in it.

As you eliminate more creatures you will get coins. Coins are use full lớn tăng cấp your game Character. At first, it will be very difficult to lớn survive in dungeons for a long time, but as you boost your player personalities it will be lots easier. Your game character enhancement will give you the new abilities for a fight.

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Hi Folks, We have sầu provided new gift codes for Soul Knight. In the future we will add more codes don’t forget to kiểm tra out.

Soul Knight || Soul Knight Gift Code, Tips & Tricks


Why play Soul Knight?

Soul Knight is a retro-styled game. This game is very small in kích cỡ so you can play this game with any type of Android devices. If your action game lover where you can get lost of guns. This game has a variety of selectable heroes and unlockable weapons. People who love the retro-type of music and gameplay surely this game is for them. It will be rather good khổng lồ say sometime this retro music can give you a jolt of adrenalin boost.

In this game, you will be facing a wave of minions with random dungeons. This game is for those who lượt thích take the challenge by them. You will be facing challenge size the starting of this game. As you get deeper in this game you will get more challenge, means more minions và more powerful bosses. You already know that this game is miễn phí to lớn play. You will get more shocked when you know this, you can play Soul Knight completely offline.

What are the Main Features of Soul Knight?In this game, you will get one-of-a-kind heroes.All heroes have their quality abilities.170+ weapons và tools are available khổng lồ use.Arbitrarily dungeons, New experience every time.Auto-ayên ổn system.

Gift Codes for Soul Knight.

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Soul Knight has given Some gift codes for their Android player. If you enter this gift codes you will get some gems for your player. You can use this codes for a single time.

First, go lớn the main menu of this game.Tap the Gift Code tab.Enter any or all given gift codes.

Gift Codes:

IMJINKELAGARDEN – Oak Tree x1, Ironwood x1, Gear Flower x1, Trumpet Flower x1.WILLBEBYE – 888 Gems.MIAOMIAO520 – 555 gems.ROMMOGDX6KKNTQE19NEWYEAR2THANIVFRBK – 800 Gems.1TDY8ETOWFUABO2LMJINKELAGARDEN7 – 888 Gems.

All new gift Codes (Not Tested).

19newyear – Earn 999 gems2thaniv – Earn 1,000 gemsTdy8et – Earn 888 gemsEn3fkzget – Earn 5 ironstone, 5 timber và also 1888 gemsGestpwierd – Earn ironstone, timber & also 888 gemsFrbk1 – Earn 666 gemsF9z3ha1sun – Earn 1,000 gemsJinkela – Earn 3 fertilizerSiont74scj – Earn 600 gemsnerd7Z – Earn 3 ironstone, 3 timber và also 1288 gems70years – Earn 777 gemsirobot – Earn 5 parts, 5 battery and also 515 gemsimobsessiont – Earn 1888 gemssunforget – Earn 1111 gemsBigmouth – Earn fertilizer, titung arum and also 500 gemsCgdth – Earn 700 gemsWillbeby – Earn 888 gems

Available codes (works universally):

100000 – 500 gemsSKGIFT – 500 gemsDUOSHOU – 500 gemsDRUID – 999 gemsNDAYSK – 800 gemsKLWYX – 666 gemsXNYDJ – 500 gemsSKNIGHT – 488 gemsSKBACK – 999 gems

New Gift Codes (works Universally):

SFXMAS2017 – 666 gemsFESTIVAL – 888 gemsDCDYX – 333 gemsVDAYKLE – 600 gemsZSDHMK – 500 gemsLWYXZYBGX – 800 gemsHMBSJ – 369 gemsQDKYS – 577 gemsDXGTM – 600 gemsNEWHALL – 999 gemsBYETIGER – 777 gemsGOSDAD – 666 gemsDESTLAD – 1111 gems18NTDRO – 1010 gemsROMMO – 800 gemsGDX6KK – 888 gems6KKNTQE – 1000 gemsSUPER5 – 666 gems | Free Trial Voucher x 3

Not only gems, this codes are really cheats:

bu3YcN – Get more goldC21mKo – Instantly increase attaông chồng damageJipxQl – Unloông chồng new locationsPLsW6a – Play offlineVE2Xzx – Restore character’s healthklT9C0 – Secret boostQPjKnR – Unlimited energy and ammou92SbI – Unlochồng all weapons

Soul Knight new code (Weapon, Gold, Ammo và others) Works with Chest

bu3YcN – Get more goldJipxQl – Unlochồng new locationsPLsW6a – Play offlineC21mKo – Instantly increase attaông chồng damageQPjKnR – Unlimited energy and ammou92SbI – Unloông chồng all weaponsVE2Xzx – Restore character’s healthklT9C0 – Secret boost

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